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How to reduce XP rewards?

MoffMoff Member Posts: 13
Lately i've been mostly doing solo playthroughs, and while i enjoy playing solo, there is one big downside - i'm leveling up way too fast. It's not too bad in BG1, but in BG2 i would often hit SoA XP cap before even venturing outside Athkatla, especially when playing a thief or a mage. And at some point that inevitably kills my enthusiasm for completing side quest and stuff.

So, what i would like to do is to mod the game in a way such as to receive only 1\4 or 1\5 of XP for kills, completing quest and so forth. Kinda like having a party without having a party. So i was wondering if anyone knows of any efficient way to do that? Obviously, editing every CRE file and every quest XP reward is not an option.



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