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Wizard Slayer Change

So, I've noticed that the Wizard Slayer kit, in Baldur's Gate 2:EE now bestows the 10% spell failure penalty on all attacks, including ranged... a nice change from only affecting targets with melee attacks. This made my contemplate playing a Wizard Slayer for a change but I've noticed that this change only seems to be present in BG2:EE, at least according to the class descriptions. Are there any plans to carry this change over to BG1:EE? I certainly hope so, since I can't ever seem to just start a playthrough on the 2nd game without completeing the first, and I really don't want to go through the entire first game with my main ability only affecting targets in melee when ranged combat is far more useful in the first game to begin with.

Any expediant answers would be awesome.


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