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Beating Aec'Letec

Here's what I just did:

Upstairs, before going to fight Aec'Letec I had everyone except Dynaheir drink potions of mirrored eyes, because I only had 5. Then I had Faldorn case protection from evil 10' radius on the party. The potions to reject his death gaze, and protection from evil so he cannot target us for that group hold spell he does :)

Next I went downstairs and used wand of monster summoning once and had Yeslick cast animate dead to distract the demon. I then proceeded to have everyone attack the cultists. Dynaheir got death gazed, so I had to use Yeslick's dispel magic ability on her. This negated the death gaze, but removed my anti death gaze/hold person defense, but I really had no choice as I didn't want to lose any party members. Once my party had slain all the cultists I sicked them on Aec'Letec himself. LUCKILY, my PC cavalier is using the Stupifier, and stunned Aec'Letec, and my party proceeded to pound him into the ground with melee and ranged attacks.

A couple of things. Although it would make the encounter more difficult the cultists should attack you. Maybe they are chanting or performing some ritual, but still they shoulddefend themselves. Also, I don't like cheesing and prepping for a battle before entering the battleground, but I had died against him 10+ times so I said screw it. Also, It seems like Yeslick's innate dispel magic ability removes the death gaze, but the mage spell does not. Is this true?

Anyone else have any methods they'd like to share? Thanks!


  • ChnapyChnapy Member Posts: 360
    I usually chug a few potions of 10% hp and thac0, cast some useful buffs (haste come to mind, chant/bless is cool too. Strength of one can be pretty sick, depending on your group) and whack him til he's dead. That is, after I killed his cultists while some nondescript dwarven tank was holding him. I also keep a few remove magic handy (or a Yeslick, ideally), for the gaze. Since the gaze takes quite some time to kill, I try to wait for the end of some of my buffs before suppressing everything.

    I have no problem with buffing before going in, since you pretty much know there's people trying to conjure a tanarri below.

  • wubblewubble Member Posts: 3,156
    edited December 2014
    a potion of magic blocking will make all saves successful for it's duration. you might want to try that to avoid death gaze etc.
    it might be magic protection, i'm not sure of the exact name.

  • JarrakulJarrakul Member Posts: 2,028
    @wubble is thinking of the Potion of Magic Shielding, which halves all magical damage and gives +20 to all saves (in practice, you'll always save successfully) for... I think 2 turns, but it might be 3. The Potion of Magic Blocking makes you immune to all spells of 5th level or below for 5 round, and the Potion of Magic Protection gives +50% magic resistance for 2 hours (and stacks with itself, because apparently no one cared about balance when they made this game).

    I... may be somewhat fond of these particular potions.

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