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OMG! GoG LucasArts Wave 2!

AdsoAdso Member Posts: 122
edited January 2015 in Off-Topic
I think @TrentOster‌ would approve of mentioning this here since he is a major fan of the X-wing series I gather... I was over at GoG just now checking on BG2 Mac patch status and saw on the front page: X-wing Alliance, X-wing vs TIE Fighter, the two Battlefronts, the KOTRs, and Dark Forces on Linux?!? Due to OH/BD's relationship with GoG, I wouldn't be surprised if Trent wasn't playing an advanced copy of XW-Alliance over the weekend... ;)

I too would love to see an X-wing EE/HD series, just with updated graphics and more intelligent capitol ship AI (Trent, is the latter what you were thinking re what to change with the capitol ships?)

Between the BGs/IWD, and the L-A titles... so much retro gaming goodness!

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