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Oracle and tarot cards

kaguanakaguana Member Posts: 1,328
edited January 2015 in Off-Topic
So I decided that the cards need their own thread and space, I'm not gonna post everyday but I'll at my own time.

As some of you know I call myself a witch because I'm one, a witch is many thing and not all the stories are correct about them, there are many forms and ways to be a witch in most story tells the dark side of the witch is told while little is told about the good witches tho they are existing.

One tool of many that a witch use is the Oracle and the tarot cards which help guiding and seeing thing that usually are hidden from the eye of oneself or that helping precising what one already know, or just bring blessing to the one who open them there is ofc the use of seeing the future but I tend not to use that option cos the future in my point of view is changing all the time and it better to be in the here and now.

The first card I'll like to post here in this thread is from The oracle of shadow and light: I am Kali
Kali is the Hindu goddess of birth, death and rebirth, she has come to our life to help us go though change we resisting and the felling was too much to bear that we need her fire dance to purify and change everything we thought we can't or won't change. It is time to join her dance and not stay still or behind and hide, it time to let go of the old and to be reborn to a new and wonderful incarnation within an incarnation, a new life in this lifetime.




  • KamigoroshiKamigoroshi Member Posts: 5,310
    Personally I'm more into tasseography. Mainly because tea tastes simply better than cards. Especially at this time of the year. Or at least for the non-weregoats amongst us. But I digress. It's been a while since I saw tarot cards up close. If memory serves right, the last one for me was a deck centered around the Slavic mythology... or something along those lines. There are so many "themes" flying around it's hard to remember which is what.

  • kaguanakaguana Member Posts: 1,328
    Yeah you are right another way of reading is tasseography, but then there are a lot of ways and form to read one can read from a coffee cup as well, or stones, smoke, water and a lot more I know some of them as well but I use cards here because it nicer and easier for people to see then lets say a smoke reading.

    As for tarot well it also true that there a lot of kind out there as well as oracle cards which are a bit different then tarot cards. Till today I still didn't post any tarot card on the forum yet all the cards I post are oracle cards but in time I'll post tarot as well.

  • Amber_ScottAmber_Scott Member Posts: 513
    I accidentally ruined one card from my deck a few years ago and now I'm not sure what to do. I've been doing without so far, but I'd like to get a replacement somehow. It's a deck my friend gave me over 20 years ago and I've always followed the superstition that you are given oracular devices, you don't buy them (though that's somewhat old-fashioned). I don't know if I should try to make a replacement, or buy one, or buy a new deck, or what. I emailed the manufacturer but didn't get a response.

  • TarotMasterTarotMaster Member Posts: 147
    @kanguna I'm referring to the tarrot cards don't know much about oracal though. Rune reading is a nothing thing I might try over the summer.

  • kaguanakaguana Member Posts: 1,328
    @TarotMaster Well my next question are still valid, what kind do you want light or dark team cards? once that base on the Rider Waite or not? (to people who don't know the Rider Waite tarot are the classic and most common use) there is a lot of options out there, so if you wanna share what you like I could have a bit if you want.

    Rune reading ahh don't have those yet but I do have my own stones that I do reading from, good luck on this and if you do start come and share with us if you will :)

  • TarotMasterTarotMaster Member Posts: 147
    @kaguana my apologies I am thinking of getting darker cards, possibly something mythical. I have rider Waite decks in both normal and small sizes that I use whenever I go out or to someplace. A custom deck I would use personally or readings from home.

  • Amber_ScottAmber_Scott Member Posts: 513
    @kaguana I have the Cosmic Tarot set by Norbert Lösche. It's still in print and I love it; the artwork is gorgeous and very inspirational to me. I sent the company another email so we'll see where that goes.

  • RavenslightRavenslight Member Posts: 1,610

    @kaguana I have the Cosmic Tarot set by Norbert Lösche. It's still in print and I love it; the artwork is gorgeous and very inspirational to me. I sent the company another email so we'll see where that goes.

    In that case, I would certainly suggest you buy a backup set. So often I have gone to try and replace something I loved, only to find out it is no longer made.

  • kaguanakaguana Member Posts: 1,328
    @Amber_Scott I'm glad that you are getting you missing card, which card is it btw?
    As for new deck I'm with @Ravenslight if you really love this deck get a backup one as well, and if you really like get a new tarot deck that you never used before, it good to have another set, I have one tarot deck just for myself that I do my own reading and I got few others for doing reading to other people that I fit the deck that I feel most right for that person reading.

    @TarotMaster sound nice, here is some dark decks you can look on that is popular:
    Steampunk Tarot, Tarot Illuminati, Legacy of the Divine Tarot, Tarot of the Hidden Realm,
    Gilded Tarot and there is a lot lots more, let me know what you like :)

  • SionIVSionIV Member Posts: 2,686
    I might be a very cynical person and find certain things hard to wrap my head around. But damn, some of those cards are beautiful!

  • Amber_ScottAmber_Scott Member Posts: 513
    @kaguana It was the Ace of Cups. I was trying a thing where I would sleep with a card under my pillow each night. It was supposed to help me have dreams that would assist in spreads. I don't recall having any dreams and one day I forgot I had a card in there and stripped the bed for laundry. The Ace went through the washer and was completely destroyed. :( I was really upset not only because I was missing a card but because it was such a powerfully positive one. It seemed a herald of bad times to come (which they certainly did). I'm glad it's coming back into my life.

    I'm not into buying my own cards, though I totally get why others do. I think they'll come into my life when I need them. :)

  • TarotMasterTarotMaster Member Posts: 147
    Hmm I wonder if anyone has tried like a photo tarrot deck like pictures of people?

  • scriverscriver Member Posts: 1,823
    @SionIV - as a fellow cynical, I find the idea of these "powerful mystical cards of oracular foretelling" having little chibi animu pictures on them hilarious in itself ;)

  • SionIVSionIV Member Posts: 2,686
    scriver said:

    @SionIV - as a fellow cynical, I find the idea of these "powerful mystical cards of oracular foretelling" having little chibi animu pictures on them hilarious in itself ;)

    Well if a card is going to tell you that death is coming, wouldn't it be better with a cute animated chibi instead of a skeleton with a scythe? :grin:

  • Amber_ScottAmber_Scott Member Posts: 513
    "Death comes for you."

    "Oh NO! It's too soon, I can't.... awwww. Look at those eyes! Ok little death, let's go."

  • kaguanakaguana Member Posts: 1,328
    @TarotMaster You are most welcome, and please let me know what deck you will buy in the end :)

    Card for the day from Wisdom of the hidden realms oracle: The chess queen

    The chess queen come to remind you to ask yourself if you are going in the right direction in your life, if your strategy in life is the right one or it lead you to places that are block to you and you are getting bad feeling and your energy is low from where you arrive to, is your goals and desires are one with what really meant for you, are you happy in what you do or you do it for the sake of doing and must because it life, if so it a time to change the strategy for one that will help you fell good with yourself.


  • kaguanakaguana Member Posts: 1,328
    Wisdom of the Golden pats: Trust

    Our world and cosmos are governed by the same universal energy that is the essence of all creation and life. Your life like all life is forever changing and evolving that the way of nature, in order to move forward you need to trust yourself that you have the power to create your own destiny, by following your heart and knowing that what feel right is right for you. Trust yourself and the energy of life that will lead you to where you need to be even if the change is scary and seem so big if it feel right for you all will become well.


  • kaguanakaguana Member Posts: 1,328
    edited February 2015
    Conscious spirit oracle deck: Release

    This spirit come to tell you that people, objects, emotions and experiences come into your life in order to learn from them, but not all are meant to stay, and it time to let them go. Release the past and the old with love and gratitude, preventing you from fully experiencing the present and moving forward in your life. Once you have released the baggage that hold you in the past your life will open to new opportunities and abundance on all levels.


    If someone wanna see more cards from a deck I post let me know please :)

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