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A mod to pull IWD spells through to BG2:EE?

Hi all, I have a question pertaining to spell inclusions in BG2 EE. I apologize in advance if there is a smack-in-the-face obvious mod/thread about this particular issue; the amount of user-created content for these games is a tad overwhelming.

Simply, I am looking to include some of my favourite IWD spells in BG2 EE, such as Seven Eyes, Soul Eater, etc. After a quick search, I found a G3 mod titled IWD-ification, but I am unclear as to whether said mod is compatible with BG2 EE. Moreover, it seemed to have last been updated in 2013 and also stated that several spells (including those I mentioned above) simply could not be carried over to BG2 EE at all.

Could anyone give me some insight as to whether IWD spells can be implemented in BG2 EE and if so, what mod I should turn to for that?

Many thanks.


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