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[Not an Issue] Regeneration Ring doesn't heal on rest

smksmk Member Posts: 4
edited February 2015 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.3.2064)
It certainly did in the original, and it does on travels. Same goes for Ring of Gaxx.

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  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,541
    Works for me @smk

    e.g. Mazzy with 29hp and ring31 ring of regeneration gets to 88hp in 8 hours. Without the ring she only partially heals.

    There have been several issues addressed, details below. Are you on version 1.3. What other items does the character have equipped. Do you have any mods installed.

    8828 Regeneration should continue after reload
    7928 Regeneration effects should work in wild magic zones
    7364 Regeneration effects should stack with each other.
    7325 Cloak of the Dark Moon prevents ring of minor regeneration from working at night
    5617 Regeneration effects blocked by the Shield of Fyrus Khal.

    If none of the above could you attach a save with the issue please.

  • smksmk Member Posts: 4
    Wow, thanks for your lightningfast and great response!! :-)
    After your response I played around a little, and found the simple solution:
    When the option "Rest until fully healed" is enabled, the rings don't work on rest. When the option is disabled, they do however.

    I play a solocharacter on 1.3 with a few tweaks with G3 Tweak Pack, but the rings also didn't work in the release version, I had no mods installed then. I had also enabled rest until fully healed though, so that seems to be the reason.

    Thanks again for the great support, and have a nice sunday!

  • smksmk Member Posts: 4
    As a follow-up, I just checked the mechanic in the original game, and it works exactly the same.
    Meaning, when "rest until fully healed" is enabled, the rings don't heal on rest, when it is disabled, they do.
    How did I never notice this...? :-/
    Sorry for rushing to conclusions too quickly.

  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,541
    I'm marking this as not an issue (although I can see there may be an argument for having reduced rest time).

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