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Finish the game with every character in your save folder before starting a new character

Evil, I know! I recently decided to finish off all my BGEE saves before trying something new.

So far I've managed to complete runs with Assassin, Archer, Cavalier, Fighter/Illusionist, A Dwarven Defender led all Lawful Good party, Level 2 Conjurer dualled to Fighter with staff specialization (fighter with scrolls and wands, woohoo!), and a two character run with just Ranger/Cleric and Wild Mage.

Still to complete: An evil party led by a Dark Moon Monk, a party consisting of every Druid kit, an all mage party (Good & Neutral), an all mage party (Evil & Neutral), A Swashbuckler, and a Mage/Thief.

After that I have to debate whether or not unfinished Roleplay characters should be included. I've started Paladin, Bard, Cleric, and Fighter RP games, but I've yet to devote the time to any of them that the endeavor requires (much less consider whether to post the results here as other brave souls do).

If I added in all my old saves from pre EE games it would take me much much longer. So, for those with many many unfinished runs, perhaps the challenge should be to complete ten of them before starting a new character.

How many "limbo characters" do you have?



  • SmilingSwordSmilingSword Member Posts: 827
    CrevsDaak said:

    Only one. My first BG2:EE PC... Still stuck in ToB. I don't wanna play that crap without Ascension (and WoP).

    But Ascension works now, im in TOB playing a SCS big picture hybrid with all the ascension bits installed and working.

  • kcwisekcwise Member Posts: 2,287
    I just finished up the Dark Moon Monk run. Lots of evil behavior like killing Drizzt! And, I even managed to kill off Shandalar for the first time, at least for the first time in the EE game. I can't remember if I ever killed him in the original. He would be a lot easier to kill if he didn't run teleport away so quickly. Dorn's poison helped a lot.

    Now I'm on to team Druid. I'm sure Jaheira and Cernd would approve.

  • kcwisekcwise Member Posts: 2,287
    Success! Now all I have left are three "storied playthrough" characters right at the beginning of the adventure. The save folder looks so empty I think I'll start a bunch of new characters. :)

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