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[Intended] [Windows] Seth the halfling won't show up at garden entrance

SilvershadowsSilvershadows Member Posts: 28
edited February 2015 in IWD:EE Bugs (v1.4.0)
OS : Windows XP sp3

IWD EE version : 1.3.2058

Normally , Seth the halfling would stand at the garden entrance to “ question ” strangers .

Here is my problem :

When my party entered the Lower Dorn’s Deep , I decided to explore the northwest area first . After ambushed by a group of thieves near the crystal mine I went to the garden entrance , but Seth the halfling was no where to found . I’m not sure if it is intended ….

PS : I haven’t tested yet . Since my party have the same ambush near the watch tower in the southeast area , I suspect if the player encountered one of these two ambushes then Seth will not show up at the entrance .

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