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Mac BG 2 EE No override folder, can't change party member portraits

Hey guys, I have spent much time trying to figure out how to change the portraits for the party members on my mac. I have done all the research I could on the web, and followed the instruction trying to locate the override folder. Still no luck.

I actually bought both Steam and Beamdog versions of the game, and can't find override folder in either.

For Beamdog: I went to Applications - BG EE - Game Data - 00782 - Right click on BG EE - Show package contents - Contents - Resources. In the resources folder, there are 5 folders: "Data", "Lang", "Movies", "Music", "Scripts". There is another "BaldursGateII.icns" file and a "chitin.key" file. There is no "override" folder for me to replace the portraits for party members. I looked in every folder, and still couldn't find it.

For Steam: I right clicked BG II EE in the steam library and selected browse local files, and right clicked BG II EE to "show package contents". Then the same happened as with the Beamdog version, I could find the "Resources" folder containing "Data", "Lang", "Music", etc., but there is just no "override".

Creating a new override folder under the "Resources" folder and put in portraits didn't work either. Please help guys, I really run out of ideas. All I see in this forum is that there should exist an override folder with portraits files in it and I can simply replace the files.

Thanks a lot!


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