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Conspiration Topic #1 : Who is the forgotten God?

There will be spoilers, naturally.

The first apparition of the supposed "Forgotten God" is at the Vale of Shadows . There are several statues of "Him" there. Or perhaps they were Myrkul's , though I think that later in the game there is evidence that those aren't Myrkul's statues .

Afterwards you see statues of that same hooded figure at the Temple of the (guess who) Forgotten God . Well, if the god were Myrkul , then he would by no means be "forgotten" , right? So it must be someone else.

Poquelin , maybe? "He" may have started a cult in his name , and the statues bowed in prayer could actually belong to a fake Illmater priest. Also , Yxunomei's attack on the temple justifies it .

Is there any other evidence in the game? Perhaps more information about the rogue druid who stole the heartstone gem, or even Tolben, who is also a "hooded figure".



  • kcwisekcwise Member Posts: 2,287
    edited February 2015
    kcwise said:

    A popular forgotten god from the early days of the Forgotten Realms novels is Moander, the former god of rot and corruption. His body floats in the astral sea and is almost without power due to his virtually forgotten status. In the novels another god takes his portfolio, but it is unclear whether Moander ever really dies entirely, much like a certain weary god in Baldur's Gate 2. If the IWD designers had a specific forgotten god in mind Moander would be a definite possibility. Setting up a temple far to the north would be a good way to avoid the attentions of the followers of other deities not favorable to Moander's return.

    I think you may have found the answer! There is an item potentially found in the Temple of the Forgotton God (random loot) called "Boots of Moander."

    Of course, in that topic several other potential forgotten gods are mentioned, and there may very well be more. It's also possible the temple could be devoted to a forgotten aspect of an existing god. Amaunator was a early version of Lathander, for instance.

  • scriverscriver Member Posts: 1,721
    Like I said in the other thread, I highly doubt it is supposed to be referencing another god. I don't think they wrote it that way. Easiest way to now of course would be to ask any of the old Black Isle crew on Twitter, so you should do that.
    kcwise said:

    Amaunator was a early version of Lathander, for instance


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