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#11627 Characters wearing the Night Walker boots should be immune to Web and Grease

XiaolinXiaolin Member Posts: 18
edited February 2015 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.3.2064)
Replicating the issue:

Equip Nightwalkers
Cast web
Walk into web, will become held if saving throw failed

Add immunity opcode: Hold person or add immune to spell web


Item description
Worshippers of Shar favor stealth, secrecy, and the cover of darkness. These boots are tailor-made for that mindset, and are obviously linked to Shar in some way. The Night Walkers, as they are called, aren't made from the hide of any known beast, and appear darker than a midnight sky.

While the boots lack any sort of magical aura, they provide the wearer with several benefits. Anyone wearing the Night Walkers moves more quickly, and their movement cannot be restricted. The boots also allow the wearer to hide from sight, enabling quick escape.


Equipped abilities:
“ Movement rate increased by 2 (base is 10)
“ Immunity to Web, Grease, and Entangle

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