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Rogue Rebalancing v4.80 now available for IWD:EE

AlexTAlexT Member Posts: 760
edited February 2015 in IWD:EE Mods
Thanks largely to @Wisp's tireless efforts Rogue Rebalancing v4.80 is now available and brings improved compatibility with IWD:EE.

Notable features:
- Items granted by the "Additional equipment for Thieves and Bards" component are now available on IWD:EE (in stores, chests and on certain creatures)
- True Bard and Blade songs are not altered on IWD:EE
- The RR version of the Skald and Jester songs now break invisibility, do not stack with themselves and fail to affect deafened creatures on IWD:EE
- RR bucklers now use the round paperdoll icon and character animation on IWD:EE
- RR items no longer have description icons on IWD:EE
- Fixed many string errors on BG:EE and IWD:EE
- The French, Spanish and Italian translations have been updated

Obligatory disclaimer:

Although I am a Project Manager at Beamdog and in charge of IWD:EE development, this mod is completely unrelated to my work there. Please do not mistake this for an officially supported product. I have made this mod in my own free time and Beamdog does not provide technical support for it.

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  • ameliabogginsameliaboggins Member Posts: 287
    `Additional equipment for Thieves and Bards`

    any list of these available?

  • ameliabogginsameliaboggins Member Posts: 287
    edited March 2015
    Downloaded the RR exe file.....

    do I put it here and then double click on it?

    C:\Program Files\Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition\Data\00798

    I dont have an overide I need one?

    Have no other mods installed. (tbh am rusty on how to do them)

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  • jobbyjobby Member Posts: 181
    - (TobEx) NPC reactions to pick pocket attempts have been externalized to PPBEHAVE.2da

    Does this mean that the "Revised NPC behavior on failed theft attempts" component can now be made compatible with the EEs?

  • AlexTAlexT Member Posts: 760
    jobby said:

    - (TobEx) NPC reactions to pick pocket attempts have been externalized to PPBEHAVE.2da

    Does this mean that the "Revised NPC behavior on failed theft attempts" component can now be made compatible with the EEs?


  • TheMetaphysicianTheMetaphysician Member Posts: 76
    I have a question for you modding-competent folks out there. I don't know much about modding, but I have used EEKeeper and even modified (with a lot of false starts) a few spells for myself on my old Icewind Dale game.

    Here's what I want to do: I really want to take the Resonating Weapon bard HLA and make it a useable ability in IWD:EE -- in other words, I want to install it in IWDEE. (The HLA components in RR, naturally, aren't installable in IWDEE). I'm happy to use EEKeeper to assign it. Can anyone tell me how I would go about doing that? What files would I need to modify, and what programs would I need to use to do it? (I assume it isn't as simple as copying and pasting something from the RR mod.)

    (The reason is that I've made a house rule and added the ability to the Bladesinger kit, which I use subtledoctor's might and guile mod to get. I love love LOVE it in that kit, as it isn't overpowered and is thematically perfect.)

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  • TheMetaphysicianTheMetaphysician Member Posts: 76
    edited June 2017
    That would be very cool. The Bladesong ability seems to me to be objectively quite a bit more powerful (which is fun sometimes), but the resonating weapon might be more thematically appropriate. I do wish it lasted longer than 2 rounds, though; but the instant cast + aura clease effect does make it still useful even with that short a duration.

  • TheMetaphysicianTheMetaphysician Member Posts: 76

    Getting that ability into IWDEE would be fairly complicated if you're not used to mucking about with near Infinity.

    For what it is worth, I have played around with Near Infinity before -- I modded spells in vanilla IWD a few years back, changed the spell level, durations, and the like. And got them to work (with lots of trial and error). I might be able to figure it out if you just listed the general steps I'd need to do; my guess is that I could probably figure out how to do each step.

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