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Best Melee Solo

Hey all!

Seems like a great community, thanks for all the great posts and content.

So I've playing this game pretty much since launch, can't seem to get enough of it. Probably my favorite of all time. I've done all kinds of run throughs and all that jazz. I have a massive affinity for solo runs.

So I've done the Kensai/Mage and my favourite and most powerful thus far, straight Elven Sorcerer.

I'm getting the itch to replay again and I feel the need to do a melee solo. If I could I would like to stay away from the Kensai Mage as I've already done it. Anything else is good. I want my character to eventually be an unstoppable God once he gets his target equipment, much like the sorcerer. I won't be playing through BG1 so that's not an issue.

I'm reading alot of fun sounding ideas. Fighter/Rogue, Fighter/Cleric, Straight Paladin, etc. I've done an SoA solo with an undead hunter, but never went to ToB with him.

You guys got any ideas? Please include dual or multi and best in slot equipment. I pretty much know virtually every item and where it is so just a quick note would be nice.

Thanks all!


  • Baron_BathoryBaron_Bathory Member Posts: 46
    That sounds awesome! I freaken love dwarves. Though I probably should have mentioned that I'm not running Enhanced Edition. Is there anything similar in the original kits?
  • wubblewubble Member Posts: 3,156

    That sounds awesome! I freaken love dwarves. Though I probably should have mentioned that I'm not running Enhanced Edition. Is there anything similar in the original kits?

    Original kits as in ones that were included in the original game or kits included in mods for original bg?
  • Baron_BathoryBaron_Bathory Member Posts: 46
    My installs are as Follows:

    BG2 Complete (SoA & ToB)
    Official ToB Fixpack
    Gibberlings 3 Fixpack

    I don't typically use anything else.

    Thanks again for all the replies :)
  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,857
    If you have mods, a dwarven Barbarian Cleric would be pretty much indestructible. Probably DW flails for DR, but for sheer damage output try using the Flail of the Ages +5 with sws and GWW, especially since you can't use Improved Haste + Crit Strike. 10 apr, huge damage per round that is hard to prevent.

    If you're feeling crazy, a higher level Kensai to Thief is a real powerhouse by abusing UAI, and a very high level Assassin to Cleric (get UAI before dualing...) Is very solid in melee due to self-buffs and UAI. If you have Rogue Rebalancing, your Assaasin can put 3 points into TWF, which makes this even more reliable. DW speed weapons most of the time, even if they are normal off-limits for a cleric. Using scrolls can allow you to drop some comically high damage backstabs.

    All else fails, a multiclass gnome illusionist is also ridiculously good, and straight forward.
  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,857
    You might consider a threesome multi too, FMC is a combat juggernaut. Mage buffs offer superior defense,,especially from high level casters, and can help keep your cleric buffs up, ie Chaotic Commands, Regeneration, AoF. Def of Easthaven, Hardiness and AoF with Regeneration is pretty hard to stop, even without PFMW or Stoneskin. The best offensive weapon is cleric friendly, the 5 headed fota.

    FMT is more subtle, but is a great backstabber and can deal with traps etc reliably. Less juggernaut, more cinematic.
  • FinneousPJFinneousPJ Member Posts: 6,455
    Fighter/Mage is best, but you've already done that. I'd say Ranger/Cleric or a Fighter->Cleric dual is next best.
  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,208
    For solo, Berserker->Cleric dual is a very good choice. Highly resilient while still having great damage output, and has immunities against some of the nasty things that can end a solo run in a flash.
  • reap_iireap_ii Member Posts: 43
    Inquisitor debuff then melee with paladin sword of power. Always a solid choice.
  • Baron_BathoryBaron_Bathory Member Posts: 46
    Oh wow you guys are awesome, thanks so much!! So much info. I think I'm pretty set on some kind of fighter cleric. Again I wont be playing through BG1.

    Could you guys give me a quick crash course on 'I win' spells along the lines of Time Stop + Shape Change: Mind flayer, or project image + 50,000 skeleton warriors/panetars? I know clerics aren't quite as cheesey, I just wanna have some red buttons in case I run into a tough fight.

    There is a lot of great ideas here for builds. I can't decide between Barb, fighter kit, rogue kit, or FMC. Argh! Anyone have experience with all of the above to tell me whats the craziest?

    One last thing. Best in slot gear. You guys were mentioning dual wielding FoA and Defender of East haven. I'm not familiar with the second, looked it up and found you can only have it with pre order edition? Is there any other way to get it or is this a job for shadowkeeper? Regardless is Crom Faer not better than both of them? I thought it second only to carsomyr.

    For armor I'm assuming Red Dragon Armor, amulet of power, bracers of AC3, belt of intertial barrier, ring of gaxx, ring of free action. Im not sure what to do for helm and cloak as I'm pretty used to arcane casters.

    Again thanks a whole bunch for all the help. You guys are gold.

  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,857
    Crom Faeyr is subpar for clerics, as they can easily buff strength. You don't need bracers of armour btw if you're wearing armour, they offer nothing.

    FMC is the most powerful of the melee stuff you listed, due to magery being unbalancedly good later.
  • FinneousPJFinneousPJ Member Posts: 6,455
    @Baron_Bathory Oh, if you're not opposed to running another Fighter/Mage, the FMT and FMC are both extremely powerful. I assumed you were going to avoid going arcane this time; priest is the next best thing. Basically, anything with mage in it is going to be in the top most powerful builds.

    EE versions include all the pre-order extra stuff by default.

    BTW, armor and bracers of armor do not stack.
  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,483
    Hahahaha cheese spells. I'm no expert but I've heard good things about casting the spell Magic Resistance on Dragons or otherwise highly Magic Resistant creatures (to actually lower their resistance), followed by Harm to bring them down to one HP and finish them off.

    F/M/C will give you more options in this respect with nice Spell Triggers and Contingencies. You'd have not only a true melee powerhouse, as @DreadKhan correctly pointed out, but also lots of arcane options (even without Mage HLAs).

    The BG2Tweaks mod allows you to import Joluv and Deidre, two merchants that sell bonus items (including the Defender of Easthaven) into the game.

    If you're going to kit your character using Shadowkeeper, Swashbuckler/Cleric could be a very nice multi, basically a Fighter/Thief/Cleric that only needs to split XP between two classes. And with UAI, which since you're going solo could become available in Chapter 2, you can also cast arcane spells from scrolls and use wands to come close to being a Fighter/Cleric/Thief/Mage. Besides you'd get to use the Robe of Vecna (another bonus item from the same mod) for faster divine casting, (bladed) speed weapons, and the Swashbuckler's Whirlwind Attack HLAs. I've only finished BG1 with one once, but it's in BG2 and SoA that a Swashbuckler/Cleric should really shine. I'd still go with Dwarf for the great saves they get.
  • Baron_BathoryBaron_Bathory Member Posts: 46
    Again great replies guys thanks a bunch. I kind of wanted to avoid arcane, but I guess it's a huge power margin that I'd be missing out on.

    OMFG the bracer info blew my mind. I've always been wondering why certain characters benefited from AC bracers and others didn't! Thanks for the tip, maybe I'll take the dex bracers instead to save some ability points.

    Oh I'm well aware of the Robe of Vecna being as it is arguably the best armor in the game let alone best mage armor. For some reason, most versions of the original game (im using GOG) include Deidre, but not Jorun.

    You guys are awesome thanks again for all!
  • Baron_BathoryBaron_Bathory Member Posts: 46
    Oh and one more thing if I went dual class fighter kit/cleric, what level would you dual at? Still 9?
  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,857
    Solo, might as well go for 13 for that 1/2 apr boost, and kit benefits. Kensai you could consider dualing even later, to get a bigger bonus. Berserker immunities as noted are devestatingly good for soloing.

    Mages are strong late, but a well run Cleric is far better early on. Thief traps and poison weapon are very strong too, but they are harder to get the most out of.
  • FinneousPJFinneousPJ Member Posts: 6,455
    Mages are best but that doesn't mean you should play one every time :)
  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,208
    I don't think you need to dual at 13 solo, but I suppose if there was ever a time to do it, it's when solo. Definitely magnitudes easier to do than in a full party... And it appears you're not running with difficulty mods turned to 11, so tweaking out those minor min/max advantages would hardly be noticeable anyway, if at all. Ease of use is probably worth more, and a 9 dual is definitely super convenient :P
  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,857
    Nah, dualing at 9th is still dumb for a solo kitted warrior :tongue:

    In truth, losing 1/2 apr is gonna be crummy, but less of an issue as you'll likely use GWW over Critical Strike, assuming you can't readily cast Improved Haste. If you CAN cast Improved Haste, thr extra 1/2 apr is indisputably better mechanically.

    Things get complicated for the Berserker to Cleric dual, but since you can never use speed weapons, can't use warrior HLAs, and can't cast Improved Haste, you will need apr however you can get them, so 13th is probably a good call here too. Extra use of Berserk is extremely handy too, as it can't be dispelled.
  • Baron_BathoryBaron_Bathory Member Posts: 46
    Seriously you guys have been amazing thanks so much!

    I ended up going with the Dwarven Fighter/Cleric Multi. Mages are insane but I've played it so much I kinda want a break from arcane. I have yet to experience the power of Divine Magic and from what I hear it hits like a truck.

    In character creation I ended up maxing out strength, Con, and wisdom. I put dex at 16 and figured I can grab gauntlets for the rest and ring for 18 charisma. I put 2 points in flail, dual wielding, and warhammer.

    The little guy was dishing out some great damage, but taking alot as well. I dont know how I'm gonna do Ilyich and friends, I also really wanna try taking out the vamp near the end of the dungeon. Should I be making him a bit differently? I read earlier that armor of faith is a great spell to take into battle. Anything else I should be buffing with?

    Thanks again guys!
  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,857
    DUHM is huge, especially if you don't have it as a Bhaalspawn power.

    Clerics get access to some fun aggressive spells early, though they are less potent in BG2 than they were in BG1. Command is very overpowered in BG1, but in BG2 it is still useful... it casts so fast it has little impact on your fighting for that round, and if they fail the save (wouldn't bet on it, but they will eventually) you get auto-hits. Hold Person is very effective, especially if you are using a wall of Skeletons to impede enemies. Silence forces a save at a penalfy, meaning you have a reasonable chance to silence some casters.

    Look for spells that boost damage or attack bonus, either by buffing strength or just a +1 or +2. Aide is excellent to have on for hard fights, RM helps, Chant, Bless, etc. Protection From Evil is handy too, and Strength of One iirc will buff the str of your skeletons, making 4 or 5 much more dangerous. If you buff up your skeletons and yourself before the fight, should go well.
  • GenryuGenryu Member Posts: 372
    Two of my favourite solo runs were Barabarian, and Monk. Monk was pretty challenging especially early on in the game.

    I'm not sure if things have changed in EE, but back in the day I used to keep hold of a wand of resurrection on my solo runs, when used on a living character it would still fully recover all HP!
  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,208
    Inquisitor is almost too good :P Definitely one of the powerhouses of BG2, and I guess it also has some RP value for a solo run (let's face it, nobody wants to be friends with an inquisitor).

    @Baron_Bathory If you're looking for an additional challenge, either soon or in the near future, I would definitely highly recommend some difficulty mods. The vanilla game is very easy to stomp into the ground, which can become boring quickly. Mods like SCS will keep it fresh and you on your toes. I couldn't imagine playing without them, and you strike me as someone who may find enjoyment there, too.
  • CField17CField17 Member Posts: 122
    I didnt think cavalier could use ranged? Is throwing axe the exception?
  • GrumGrum Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 2,100
    CField17 said:

    I didnt think cavalier could use ranged? Is throwing axe the exception?

    That it is.
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