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[Solo Mage] When to start Expansion? (HoW)

IrbisIrbis Member Posts: 49
Hi guys, i'll make it quick.
Being an IE veteran i never actually played HoW/TotLM (The expansion was published long after i've done the main game) so this will be my first time playing thru expansion.
I tried goggling, when should i start the expansion but my case is a bit diffrent as i am soloing the game with a mage. I just entered Severed Hand, and my mage is a 12lvl Wild Mage.

I am concerned should i go now? Or maybe after Severed Hand? Or maybe i should wait till the very end?
The thing is - soloing the game makes me gain levels a lot faster, but also leaves all the battles a lot more challanging. The problem here is - i presume the HoW, when being hard at lower level, will also make me very powerful by the end of it, and i don't want the main story to become too easy after HoW. And the other way around - i am affraid that if i start the expansion to late, it'll become too easy and loss it's charm. I think it's safe to say i might be 14-15lvl by the end of Severed Hand. But REMEMBER - i am soloing.

Oh and i am playing on core difficulty setting (At first, i played on max but i've found the game to be... too easy lol. Sure the enemies hit harder and have more hp - but at the same time i gained way too many XP and LVL).


  • FardragonFardragon Member Posts: 4,371
    Access to mage spells is better in HoW, so you should go early. On the other hand, Burial Isle is punishing, so you should go late...

  • IrbisIrbis Member Posts: 49
    edited February 2015
    Fardragon said:

    Access to mage spells is better in HoW, so you should go early. On the other hand, Burial Isle is punishing, so you should go late...

    That spells access i am kind a affraid of, actually lol. Because even now, i already have 2 slots for 6th level spells. Which of course are empty for now :P And when my mage is a rather high level for this chapter - he also lacks the spells. And i would like to avoid getting them "before i am supposed to".

    @Fardragon when do YOU usualy start HoW?

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  • LuremasterLuremaster Member Posts: 100
    I would start after you finish Severed Hand, at the rate you are leveling. Trials of the Luremaster (accessible from HoW) is designed to be tackled by a party level 11-18, and this is generally seen as a punishing add-on not meant to be attempted until well into HoW. I think that the final battle of the main campaign will be difficult for a solo mage no matter the level because of the magic immunity of the foes so go ahead and do HoW earlier. The only drawback of this method that I can see is that chapters 4-5 of the main campaign may be too easy when you go back.

  • WowoWowo Member Posts: 2,058
    Go to HoW as soon as you want a good variety of spells to cast.

    ToL is very difficult but you can do almost all of HoW (invisible if some fights are too difficult) and then before the point of no return go back to the main campaign with a full spell book.

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