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#17270 Fallorain's Plate +1 should not be a generic plate mail +1 and should be unique in the game

HurricaneHurricane Member, Administrator, Developer, Translator (NDA) Posts: 581
edited November 2015 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.3.2064)
Background information:
In BG1, Fallorain's Plate (PLAT02.itm) is a unique plate mail. It uses StrRef 6682 as its unique description, which tells the story of Captain Fallorain.
"Captain Fallorain, leader of Calimshan's 12th cavalry brigade, wore this enchanted armor for the last time during the Battle of the Spider Swamp. There he lost his life and army trying to rid an unrecorded evil from the area."

BG2 added a new generic plate mail +1 (PLAT10.itm). However, this item was given StrRef 6682 and the text was changed to a generic description to match this new item. Therefore, Fallorain's Plate now also has this generic description instead of its original story, and is considered a generic plate mail +1 in BG2.

Fallorain's Plate is required to be a unique item in BG2 because it can be imported from a BG1 savegame, in which case it appears in Irenicus's Dungeon as Ilyich's armor. When Ilyich is killed and the item retrieved, players have no way of knowing that the armor is actually their own imported Fallorain's Plate. It appears to them as a generic plate mail +1.
Additionally, Fallorain's Plate has been assigned to many other creatures in BG2 and in the EE content as well, which means players can obtain the armor multiple times.

Repro steps:
1. Start a new SoA game. Create a new character by importing the attached savegame called "Battlemage".
2. Watch the cutscene and let Imoen free you.
3. C:ExploreArea().
4. Ctrl-J to Ilyich's room (x=1600, y=500).
5. Ctrl-Y on all the Duergars and Ilyich.
6. Loot Ilyich's corpse.

The armor dropped by Ilyich appears to be a generic plate mail +1.

The armor should be named and described as Fallorain's Plate +1.

Additionally, various instances of PLAT02.itm in other places of the game should be replaced by PLAT10.itm so that players cannot obtain multiple copies of Fallorain's Plate. For example, Galvarey in the Harper Hold and others wear the unique armor when instead they should wear a generic plate mail +1.

StrRef 7356 contains the original description of Fallorain's Plate and is currently unused. It can be assigned to PLAT02.itm to give it back its unique description. However, the armor also needs its unique tooltip ("Fallorain's Plate +1"), which does not exist yet.

Edit 12-Nov-2015: Tagged.

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