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Convenience Script - Instant store access, Easy prebuffing, Bard song, Find traps

ManiacalFreakManiacalFreak Member Posts: 16
edited March 2015 in IWD:EE Mods
Convenience Script Mod
for IWD:EE

This mod adds a player script which provides basic attack and skill functionality as well as hotkeys to activate some special convenience features. The convenience features can only be activated out of combat.

Characters with stealth ability will automatically enter stealth when out of combat.

Bards will automatically sing their bard song every 6 seconds (bypassing the skill icon) if they are not taking another action. True-class bards will sing Tymora's Melody once they have it. Skalds will sing their skald song. To sing another song, you must use the skill icon.

Attack Functionality:
Warriors will approach enemies and attack. Non-warriors will attack enemies within weapon range but will not approach distant enemies. Characters will not stop detecting traps, singing a bardsong, or turning undead to attack, but they will break invisibility or stealth. To keep a character in stealth, toggle off AI.

"K" - Opens a store, allowing you to sell items immediately without trekking back to town. A party leader with 20 charisma should be able to buy and sell items at *almost* the same price. Also, the store has no price depreciation. You should activate this hotkey with only the party leader selected.
"B" - Gives selected characters instant casting with no recovery for 6 seconds, for your prebuffing convenience.
"T" - Gives selected thieves the Find Traps effect. Use this multiple times to find traps faster, without the need to juggle stealth and detect traps modes.

If you want to use a Jester, replace "SPCL542A" with "SPCL751A". This should replace skald support with jester support.

added support for skald song
bards should now keep song active while attacking. (non-warriors now use AttackOneRound instead of AttackReevaluate)
script added to scripts folder not override... it should actually work now... oops!

by ManiacalFreak

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