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BG EE fix for shapeshifter and a good berry boost

DremorDremor Member Posts: 40
hi there, my first incomplete work at modding baldur's gate EE

werewolf 1d6 piercing --> 1d12 slashing
nothing --> immunity from normal weapons
goodberry 1hp --> 1hp + 1 hp each second for 60 seconds

i found the game too hard, exactly like i did more than a decade ago... nonetheless here is a quick fix and a boost for druid: the druid shapeshifted werewolf claws now grant immunity from normal weapon and are 1d12 slashing
instead of 1d6 piercing. When you return to human form you lose the immunity from normal weapons

It took me 3 or 4 attempts to make it work... the nearinfinity editor is a very sweet tool

the good berry boost: it heals 1hp + 1hp each second for 60 seconds (1 turn, 10 rounds)

i remember i played this game after diablo, i was hyped cause there were more classes than fighter, rogue, sorceror... and also races and a gazillion spells... so far the combat was unfun to me... in diablo and diablo2 for example you kill 1 enemy in 1 or 2 hits at the start of the game (you have plenty of opportunity to die later:P)
in baldur's gate a low enemy can shot you... and it takes ages to kill it... i recall that DDO mmorpg gives some 20 starting hitpoint bonus feat, so to avoid a 4hp wizard dieing shotted by the first weapon he sees...

while i am more a fan of action rpg and fps, i liked baldur's gate story... so other than playing on easiest difficulty
i made these modifications to at least get a bit more help... i noticed some enemies can still beat my druid to a pulp... but so far i am relieved cause i do not have to quick save, quick load every 2 steps...

as "sadly" i grew old, i notice with more precision what i dislike and what i like... i am not in a frenzy to "level up" and reach maximum level... i just do not like timesinks... things like juggling the inventory, doing over micromanaging, and wasting too much time on trivial fights... with this in mind i made the modifications... often i replay boss battle about 4 or more times... sometimes cause i just die anyway, some other time to try a different tactic.

I feel the baldur's gate spells tend to become one too similar and copycat of a low level spell...
so some spells are just high level copy of previous spells
some others are just underpowered crappy spells
ideally each spell should be "worth" to use under certain conditions, it may be subjective... but for example i liked protection from petrification cause it can prevent having you waste gold and time with flesh to stone scrolls...
i like protection from evil when it shields you from high level creature attention... those were nice implemented ideas... although i dont like spells like doom or bless they seems more a waste of a slot than anything else.
druid lacks interesting spell selection on level 2... the modified goodberry fills a niche spot, which is heal spell at level 2 for druid, heal over time, and cheap way to refill life of party after combat... (of course the unbalanced nature of the early BG Saga levels make this spell a bit OP, when used in BG2EE it's use in combat is no longer that meaningful but still works fine as a post battle hp filler.

i would like to mod all spells, but it requires time and knowledge... so i will just keep using the unmodified useful spells plus this modified shapeshift and the good berry :P

so far i am trying to modify a nice AI script i found, and adapt it for BGEE... if/when i will finish it i will post it



  • DremorDremor Member Posts: 40
    updated my mod to 2.0 cause...

    i found a "bug" in my mod... the werewolf used the same paws as the brown bear...
    so i created a new claw object and modified the shapeshift spell to create those new werewolf paws...

    this way the brown bear still works as the original... delete brbrp.itm in override
    and the werewolf now has 1d12 slash + immunity normal weapon

  • joluvjoluv Member Posts: 2,136
    Dremor said:

    a bit OP

    Changing a level 2 spell so that it cures 61 times as much HP, for a total of 305? Yeah, might be a bit OP.

  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,466
    Agree that the Goodberry change is crazy. But I also agree with the OP that Goodberry needs to be changed, and the slow regeneration idea is a good one to distinguish it from Cure spells. (Though, really it should just be converted into a cure spell, I don't know why there is none at 2nd level in the BG games.) I would do something like 1 hp per second for 10 seconds, and make 1 berry per 5 levels.

  • joluvjoluv Member Posts: 2,136
    @subtledoctor Even that seems quite powerful at low levels (assuming you mean 1 berry + 1 per 5 levels, or something). Potions of Healing only heal 9 points, and they're a relatively scarce commodity in BG1. The ability to make a similar item for free would substantially devalue them. I think your proposal would be more balanced if it took a full round to eat a berry, à la Oil of the Serpent's Scales in IWD.

  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,466
    Well, using a 2nd-level spell slot is not totally free. Otoh I hear what you're saying. It's a tension between not wanting it to be overpowered, but wanting it to be better than the current tear-my-hair-out frustration of healing 1hp per berry.

    With something like my proposal, yeah, taking a round to eat would be best. It's a meal, not s quick mid-combat buff. Maybe even add a 6-second AC penalty for good measure.

    But then again, I feel no need to mod Goodberries because Spell Revisions already does. I don't know what precisely it does, but I trust Demi to make it something that works very well.

  • DremorDremor Member Posts: 40
    edited March 2015
    here is the mod version 3.0 :P a reworked good berry effect... now a good berry eaten give an effecto for 1 turn (60s) giving 2hp each round, plus 1 starting hp... total of 21hp

    what do you think about this version ?

    Post edited by Dremor on
  • joluvjoluv Member Posts: 2,136
    edited March 2015
    If it's 60*2+1, you mean 121 HP, right? A potion of regeneration heals 60 HP over 3 turns, and if I remember correctly it isn't available until Chapter 5 (or on the Isle of Balduran) and has a base cost of over 1000 GP, so that is still a mighty strong level 2 spell.

    Edit: If you meant 2 HP per round, then that's a bit more reasonable, but I still wouldn't call it balanced.

  • DremorDremor Member Posts: 40
    edited March 2015
    yes sorry for mistype, is 2hp each round, so in 60 seconds is 21hp

  • DremorDremor Member Posts: 40
    potion of regeneration heals 60hp in 3 turns, this berry heals 21hp in 1 turn

  • AstroBryGuyAstroBryGuy Member Posts: 3,414
    Yes, but Goodberry creates 5 berries. I downloaded your mod earlier and no edit is made to the goodberry spell file. So this 2nd level spell gives 105 hp of healing. Compare that to Cure Medium Wounds, a third level spell, only healing 14 hp total.

    Even if you reduce it to 1 berry, for a second level spell to heal 50% more than the third level Cure Medium Wounds (even though the healing takes a turn) still seems unbalanced.

  • DremorDremor Member Posts: 40
    got it... since the spell creates good berries who last forever, creating 1 only seems just a sinkhole... once could always memorize them at tavern, cast them, rinse repeat, till stocked 20+ on each character...

    so considering 1 per spell to 5 per spell is kinda the same, since this spell is a cast before combat one...

    in the end is a lvl 2 spell who heals 50% more than a lvl 3 one, but takes about 10 times more time to have a full effect.

    lvl3 heal 14hp istant, lvl 2 berry 21hp in 60 seconds

    take for example the unmodded lvl 2 goodberry spell, is 5 berry 5hp... one could always stock 20 inventory slots 10 berry per slot... so a lvl 2 spell heals 200hp :pensive:

    well at least this is my point of view :dizzy:

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