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[mod research] What is MDK2?

TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 7,951
Guess what I am gonna mod next for BG1&2:EE!!! You are never going to guess! You will nev... Hey! Who told you I was going to try to fix the MDK2 summoning spell?! Me? The thread title was too obvious? Oh... ok...

Seriously though. I know pretty much nothing about MDK2 other than that it is one of the first games made by Bioware and that there is an EE of it or something...

The MDK2 Spell is supposed to summon 3 characters from that game, but it will cause BG to crash because the animations are missing... These characters are "Arny Max", "Doc "cheezy" Hawkins", and "The Infamous Kurt".

There is actually a painfully simple solution to the crash and that is to simply replace the missing animations with animations that actually exist. That is where I am hoping to get some help. I have no Idea what these characters are like in MDK2 and I need suggestions as to which BG animations I should use to replace the missing ones; for authenticity ya know. You can choose from any character animations used in BG1:EE or BG2:EE. Telling me about these characters would be useful too and I may be able to come up with an appropriate animation if you just explain them to me.

I am noticing that these characters only have basic scripts so I may have to try my hand at scripting something for them so that they can use their spells and think more. I welcome suggestions here too.

As a side question: Are the MDK games any good? Should I try playing them some time?


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