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Better AI Scripts Customization

Flame_ExcessFlame_Excess Member Posts: 24
edited August 2012 in Archive (Feature Requests)
...Especially for the thief.

I think it's annoying to see template scripts that don't allow characters to play smoothly. I often activated the customizable AI to accelerate going through random combat but I quickly stopped as it drove me mad to watch my characters not doing any good. It's as if something as obvious to players hasn't been thought over in the AI scripts that would otherwise make random combat simple and fun.

The thief is probably the class which would require the best revision. As it stands, the templates allow the thief to be a reckless assassin, or a useless explorer. The thief shoulb be able to exploit all its skills at once. Something like being able to detect traps and use stealth at the same time should be made possible. Here's a quick attempt at what the most interesting template should look like in combat:

The thief always tries to stay in the shadows. Every round of movement is followed by a quick trap detection check. Once the thief sees an enemy, he immeditely tries to backstab him. If engaged in combat, he opts to avoid his opponent by moving away, opting for a spot where he can attempt to hide. If he can't get rid of his follower, he seeks refuge to the nearest cleric or fighter.

There could also be a template for fighters who would attack enemies chasing party members (including your thief and wounded characters).

Of course there are many more improvements that could be made with the other classes, especially kit classes, and I doubt that it's quick or simple to make a well working script for a cleric or mage... although there could definitely be something such as spell triggers you could individually select:
Whenever *sees an enemy starting to cast a spell*, cast magic missile on him.
Whenever *opponent is near death*, cast magic missile on him.
Whenever *opponent is affected by a spell (mirror image)*, cast dispell magic.
Whenever *enemy attacks you*, cast mirror image.
Whenever *party member is near death*, cast "highest" healing spell on him.

If the enhanced edition is to be nice, I think it's going to be thanks to its improved playability. So I hope that better AI scripts and templates will be given to implement the game.


  • CorvinoCorvino Member Posts: 2,269
    There have been a couple of requests along these lines already. You're not alone in wanting customisable AI though. The customisable AI priorities in one Final Fantasy game and Dragon Age have been pointed out as effective examples.

    If it doesn't make it into the game I believe there are a couple of tutorials on writing your own scripts around. There may also be a scriptwriting program here: but I've never used It and don't know entirely how it works.

  • HwestaHwesta Member Posts: 11
    first go to game directory and find scripts folder. open it and copy and paste just 1 script u want to edit. rename it some small name. dont use space for ur script name:D. for example use "" than go to download nearinfinity. and open it with java. (u must have latest java to nearinfinity works) go open game and point chitin.key inside bgee game directory. you ll see lots of writting in the left side:D there ull find scripst. under scripst ull find ur custom script u just named ( click on it and u see decomplied script text of this script. Change edit whatever u want. than click compile and save after u finished. Overwritte. and your custom script is ready to use...

  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 10,047
    Just look for the BPSeries scripts in the modding forum. They do everything you want and much more and are quite customizable.

  • ArturArtur Member Posts: 35
    Couldn't this problem be solved by allowing two or more separate scripts to be run simultaneously?

  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 10,047
    You can have one different script per character but not more. So you can have six specialized scripts running if you wish to do so.

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