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"Maybe this time" [NO-RELOAD THREAD]: "The Tale of TEN THOUSAND Trials"



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    Trueber's run came to an end in Cloakwood when she was both webbed and poisoned. Branwen didn't have slow poison memorised. Quite an oversight! Trueber should have had the ring os freedom of action. She could then have used potions. If Ajantis had died it wouldn't have been a problem.

    A new run with a neutral fighter/thief character. Amazed that no re-rolling was necessary. :)

    Initial proficiencies ** daggers ** single weapon all thieving proficiencies initially in open locks in order to get the valuable stone in Candlekeep


    I was given a +1 dagger which was highly useful when it came to dealing with the assassins in Candlekeep. I then donned their equipment which provided me with +1 studded leather armour and the +1 daggers that they were using.

    The added equipment of those assassins is the only modification to my EE game.
    Playing core rules.
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    Gate70/Grond0 multiplayer attempt 206, Core rules + unmodded (update 2)
    Symon (male half-elf druid, Grond0); Noht (male half-elf blade, Gate70)
    Previous updates:
    The session started with reputation at 19, so we went to kill some half-ogres before reporting to Bjornin. While in Beregost Silke was blinded and disposed of.

    With prices low, Noht bought some spells at High Hedge before we went to the basilisk area to try some of those out. The basilisks caused no trouble, while Mutamin failed to recognize the danger from stinking clouds despite owning the spell.
    Peter did manage to recover from a cloud long enough to inflict rigid thinking on Noht, but when he went down only Baerin and Lindin were left - and both were blind.

    At the Lighthouse it took a bit longer than expected to kill the first 2 sirines and the third recovered before charming Symon. Of course that meant it didn't attack him further, so Noht just retreated out of harm's way to wait for a bit before rejoining to finish the job.
    In the cave, some animals provided a bit of distraction for the golems - and a bit proved fatal for them with Noht spinning enchanted arrows at them.

    We briefly stopped to blind Bassilus on the way to Durlag's Tower. Lightning and magic missiles made pretty short work of the battle horrors there and the basilisks on the roof provided a nice XP boost.

    By this time the Nashkel Mine offered no real threat. Mulahey, rather surprisingly, managed to get up within a cloud, but at near death and already panicking he couldn't do anything effective.
    Still, he fared better than the amazons. Blindness, stinking cloud, lightning and offensive spin would have been far too much for them, but Noht added a bit more injury to the insults by adding a first use of skull trap into the mixture.

    In Nashkel Symon produced a couple of nymphs for the first time to neatly package Neira for slaughter.

    Tranzig has a habit of saying he's going to put up a fight a split-second before going down like a rock. At least this time his panic meant he survived a bit longer - even if he was not exactly fighting :p.

    The session ended with us stopping off at the FAI on the way to the Bandit Camp. Tarnesh had not yet been dealt with and surprise enabled him to send Noht running - but the skies were rapidly darkening above him ...

    Druid 8, 66 HPs, 99 kills
    Blade 7, 48 HPs, 131 kills, 2 deaths
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    Journal of Swiftblade the fighter/thief

    In Candlekeep Shank and Carbos both got backstabbed. Shank died immediately but Carbos was more of a challenge. He followed me outside and when he got held up by some wardens I took the opportunity to use my crossbow.



    Tarnesh was the next to be back-stabbed.


    I killed some hobgoblins and Sonner before trying to hole up in Baldur's Gate, but was denied access.

    I then returned Tenya's bowl before returning to Beregost where I killed Karlat.


    I killed an ogre on the way to Beregost.


    Upon leaving the inn sfter killing Karlat I was badly hurt by lightning. The lightning was worse than any of the enemies that I have faced so far. As a result I holed up in an inn for quite a long time.

    I then headed out to find Perdue's Sword and in the process ended up helping Mellicamp.


    I returned Perdue's sword and killed some spiders before taking the loot to the Friendly Arms Inn.


    Having become a decent thief, I headed to Durlag's Tower where I ransacked it until I was so badly hurt by a skeleton warrior that I left as fast as I could. Nevertheless I gained excellent equipment whilst there as well as experience:


    I thought that the kindest thing to do was to kill Rigglio.



    Upon leaving Durlag's, I took on Vax and Zal before helping a dryad and Drienne's cat.


    On the way to the gnoll's stronghold I killed a winter wolf.


    After leaving, I killed a polar bear.


    I then helped Charleston and killed Gallor.


    And ended up in this state:


    Which is quite enough for one post.
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    Tough luck @Jabberwock - taking on the Ust Natha drow is really a handful with SCS installed >:). If the quests are not available, killing Adalon is a far easier route to escape the Underdark, though not all parties would be keen on that of course ...
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    Nature's half-dozen - Core rules, unmodded druids party {3} (update 1)
    Previous run

    I created this party of unkitted druids about 3 years ago, but only had a single attempt with them (there was a previous attempt with a mixture of different sorts of druids, which is why this is shown above as the 3rd attempt) - that ended when one of them was chunked by Firkraag's breath.

    They've progressed so far as follows:

    Level 1 - run and shoot (for simplicity all of them are using slings). At the lighthouse Walker Boh received a deadly kiss from Shoal, but he was revived and the group shot down Droth for his helmet without further injury, before killing Shoal as well.
    They left the sirines for now, but cleared the rest of the area. A few spiders in Beregost then gave everyone a first level.

    Level 2 - more running and shooting in Beregost and nearby areas culminated in a trip to the Lake area. Gnolls wore Drizzt down a bit before the druids attacked him. One of them was charmed, but had already retreated out of sight of the others to avoid any complexities. That left the simple matter of running Drizzt round until the criticals on him proved too much.

    Level 3 - immediately after killing Drizzt, I went to find Teyngan, but moved fractionally too far and came into his sight before I intended. That resulted in 5 of the party being scared, which was far and away the most dangerous situation so far. Everyone had managed to get out of Jemby's sight and fortunately none of the scared druids doubled back far enough to activate her. That still left Zekar's arrows as a major hazard, but Cogline did an excellent job in occupying him, along with Teyngan, in close enough quarters to make him keep his sword equipped. On the down side Brona ran far enough to activate a pair of war dogs and was killed by them before they chased down Galaphile as well. :'(
    Once the fear finally ended the remaining druids were able to run away and get to Nashkel temple. Walker Boh got some green armor there, while Allanon learnt LMD. A few more areas were ticked off, while reputation suffered a bit more with the deaths of Meilum and Dushai. A couple of tasks helped partially restore that, to ensure the party would be tolerated in civilized areas. Another horror caused a bit of concern when the druids spread out, but Borda targeted Allanon. However, the others soaked up magic missiles with CLW spells and were able to keep Borda occupied until Allanon recovered and could join in the shooting gallery - the bit of XP from that was enough to allow everyone to level up once more.

    Level 4 - following Korax round slaughtering basilisks gained some quick XP. I made a mistake in not shifting Walker Boh back to a missile weapon after killing some gnolls though and came just into view of Mutamin before the last of the basilisks were dead. However, a first LMD from Allanon interrupted an acid arrow spell that would have killed Korax and allowed Mutamin and his pets to be finished off. A few gnolls and flinds were then enough for another level.

    Level 5 - after Kirian's companions were tempted away by charm spells, she was battered by a first use of lightning.
    That also made short work of some battle horrors at Durlag's Tower and some vampiric wolves. Clearing the remainder of the Beregost Temple area was enough for level 6.

    Level 6 - shooting continued to be the main attack method, though there was plenty of use of lightning and even some insects where lightning was not available or effective (such as the Doomsayer).
    Walker Boh (wearing the ankheg armor) was often tanking now and did that while clearing the ankheg area to get a significant XP boost. There was another decent haul at the Lighthouse area, where lightning did the main damage to the sirines before a carrion crawler took everyone to level 7.

    The druids have still got a full stack each of the ammunition they bought at Candlekeep, but I think it's about time to treat them to a resupply. After that they'll be off to the Nashkel Mines.

    Walker Boh - L7, 59 HPs, 102 kills, 1 death
    Bremen - L7, 59 HPs, 104 kills, 0 deaths
    Galaphile - L7, 59 HPs, 178 kills, 1 death
    Allanon - L7, 55 HPs, 184 kills
    Brona - L7, 57 HPs, 164 kills, 1 death
    Cogline - L7, 55 HPs, 134 kills, 0 deaths
    HPs are good and closely spread (which is helpful as it means I don't need to be quite as careful about identifying which druid is which in battle).
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    I've started another foursome of neutral characters. Once again they are not like druids that are striving for balance, but would-be good characters with moral weaknesses.


    Cnut for example hates mages because his parents were killed in a fireball when two mages were having a duel. Every mage that he kills whether good or bad makes him feel good.

    Knightro has a problem with rage. Whilst sometimes that is an advantage as he can go berserk in battle, at other times he will over-react which can be quite a bad trait.

    Hugin has a problem with greed, always wanting a bit more than he has.

    My character weakness is quite obvious. It is quite useful in that my sensual nature helps to bond the group, but I often wish that I had it within me to be monogamous.

    Journal of Sinna.

    After being ambushed we fled back to Candlekeep but were denied access.

    We therefore returned to the ambush site on the way to Beregost. On being attacked by a wolf, Cnut was badly hurt.


    Upon reaching Beregost, we were attacked by karlat and to our horror Hugin was killed. We couldn't afford to get him fully healthy, but he did that himself after we paid to bring him back to life.


    When Silke attacked us, she wasn't a problem and she quickly fell.


    I then pickpocketted those whom Silke wanted dead. I successfully pickpocketted three potions, but when I tried to get the jewels I was attacked and had to kill Faltis. I was relieved that the other two didn't attack. I felt bad enough by Faltis' death.

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    When fighting an ogre, Cnut was badly hurt. :'(


    and was again hurt when we were attacked by the Flaming Fist.


    Upon being offered a reward for Perdue's sword, we went in search of it and found it.

    Before returning it, we also helped Mellicamp.

    As we went went to Nashkel we found the Colquetle amulet and were unbelievably patient with Noober. We turned down Oubliek's reward thus gaining reputation. We picked up a wand of frost and a ring of fire protection before taking Samuel to the FAI. We had found some good armour in Nashkel.
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    @Flashburn Congrats on beating the big guy.
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    Jabberwock wrote: »
    We may deal with the first underground floor of Durlags to get the +3 Plate armor there. Somewhat interestingly, enchanted armor is unusually good for wizard slayers, as they can't wear rings/cloaks/amulets of protection anyway.

    If you talk to Tamoko, so that she appears in the Undercity, you can get her armor - full plate +1 is better than the plate mail +3.

    Jabberwock wrote: »
    The other factor of note is that there is a hidden (I believe) +4 damage +8 to hit against archers, when using a melee weapon against them. As best I could tell, the damage bonus stacks with backstab, so she was a ferocious backstabber against those targets despite not reaching level 9 for x4.

    The bonus applies against anything not using a melee weapon (or equivalent natural weapon). That includes any targets that start off with fists equipped, as well as those with missile weapons.
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    Grond0 wrote: »
    Trio 25, Core rules, unmodded (update 3)
    Fini - female, human illusionist (Grond0)
    Corepally - male, human undead hunter (Gate70)
    Plinker - male, human blackguard (Corey_Russell)

    It looks like you are bit confused in your post @Grond0 - were you sleepy? Corepally is of course me, Corey_Russell, not Gate70.
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    Grond0 wrote: »
    Trio 25, Core rules, unmodded (update 3)
    Fini - female, human illusionist (Grond0)
    Corepally - male, human undead hunter (Gate70)
    Plinker - male, human blackguard (Corey_Russell)

    It looks like you are bit confused in your post @Grond0 - were you sleepy? Corepally is of course me, Corey_Russell, not Gate70.

    Well I'm always a bit sleepy, but the introductory bit is copied from previous updates, so the original error was made a couple of weeks ago - I've now corrected the previous two updates as well as this latest one ;).
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