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"Maybe this time" [NO-RELOAD THREAD]: "The Tale of TEN THOUSAND Trials"



  • Wise_GrimwaldWise_Grimwald Member Posts: 3,263
    Borco wrote: »
    @Grond0 Though I'm sure that Torosar could make a star appearance on an Indian wedding with these, it's not really it :)

    @Wise_Grimwald I'd be curious to hear which ones you have in mind as I may be missing something all the time :D (I'll note Helm of Defense was not available as we never faced Shoal's ogre mage).

    A small hint maybe? ;)

    I was thinking in particular of the Helm of Defence
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,446
    Update - I found the version of the balor weapon that SCS is supposed to use, and switched to that. It's a 20% chance, with a save at -4. New version of my hotfix attached.
  • Mantis37Mantis37 Member Posts: 1,167
    Cheers, will give that a try. I’m pretty certain that at least some of the chunkees had Death Ward up, but I also have Spell Revisions and various other mods installed which might muddy things.
  • aldainaldain Member Posts: 267
    @Jabberwock Pick Nalia up at the keep, then head inside and speak to Daleson (you'll have to kill 1 troll to reach him). This stops the timer.
  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 7,049
    @Jabberwock I haven't tried that fight with a party, but I agree it's pretty nasty for a solo character. You might want to try retreating upstairs at an early stage of the fight. Another lot of traps there could be helpful and you may be able to split up the chasing group.
  • Wise_GrimwaldWise_Grimwald Member Posts: 3,263
    @Grond0 Close thing. :)
  • velehalvelehal Member Posts: 299
    Difficulty of random monster is also one of the few SCS components that allows higher than insane difficulty. On Legacy of Bhaal you get always liches regardless of your experience.
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