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"Maybe this time" [NO-RELOAD THREAD]: "The Tale of TEN THOUSAND Trials"



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    @Wise_Grimwald Remember the acid protection scroll can really help with the Ankhegs - you can get it at Thalantyr's. Also high misssile defense helps with the acid attacks, and remember for your tank to wear girdle of bluntness to defend against their melee.
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    The best way to boost missile defense, of course, is to close to melee range. That's -8 to hit for them, so an ankheg is at effective THAC0 21. Even without a Dex bonus, splint mail and a large shield will make them only hit on a 20 in melee range.

    Then again, my usual answer to that particular ankheg is to just run past it the first time. Ankhegs have slow initiative, so you can pretty reliably reach the edge of the map and travel to either the zombie farm or Ulgoth's Beard without engaging. And fighting them at level 1 is just too risky; the acid and high damage means there's always a risk of a one-hit kill.
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    Journal of Jehu the Righteous and Party
    After doing many mini-quests at Baldur's Gate we ended up going to the Iron Throne where we were successful.

    At the Helm and Cloak we got into a battle with the Maulers whereupon Gorpel Hind was unfortunately killed.
    In the Low Lantern we killed a couple who were intent on seeing me dead.
    Down below Yago attacked us and was killed.
    At Ulgoth's Beard we were sent to Ice Island where we picked up some experience. In one battle two party members were confused and we had to dispell magic before too much harm was done.
    After picking up the charts for Balduran's Isle we went to Duke Eltan who sent us to Candlekeep.
    Everything went smoothly until we met up with Prat. Casting silence didn't stop them using spells and before we got a chance to dispell them Elthan was killed partly as a result of friendly fire.
    We killed spiders and basilisks before finally killing Diarmid.
    We went to raise Elthan but had insufficient funds. We headed north intending to search for enemies loaded with gold but were ambushed by hobgoblins. That gave us enough gold to raise Elthan and we even had one gold piece left which was enough for a night in an hotel.

    Since our necklace of missiles have a low number of charges left we will go ankheg hunting in order to replenish our gold supplies. Then back to Baldur's Gate.

    [We could have sold items that we want to have in SoD but chose not to. Despite not having bought robes of the Neutral Archmage and the Good Archmage, or Shadow Armour or the Dagger of Venom we still had little gold to spare. :( ]


    Everything went smoothly apart from the fact that Liia was killed at the Ducal Palace. Without a thief different tactics were needed approaching the final battle. Where the skeletons are near a load of traps I protected Elli against electricity and sent her way on ahead protected by sanctuary.

    When she triggered the traps she got minor damage but the lightning bolt killed one skeleton and all but killed another.

    Near the temple Elli again went on ahead using sanctuary. She then summoned animals twice and placed them in the middle of the party of those who were not yet hostile. I then went forward to trigger the conversation and once it was finished I immediately withdrew and waited for the carnage to start. The one with the fire arrows killed the animals but made the others hostile towards him. He was killed and the others badly hurt. Holy smite was then cast twice. (A pity that I didn't have more memorised) A couple of blasts from the necklace of missiles were highly effective though the mage saved against them as she did against Holy Smite. One of the two remaining attacked but was already nearly dead. Ranged weapons finished him off. Only the mage remained. I cast true sight and took on the mage single handed to avoid the danger of a confusion spell or similar. She died very quickly.

    We talked to Sarevok's Consort before entering the temple where we killed three battle horrors.


    In the temple I prayed and was given insight into the future. The God that I worship suggested that in the near future I might need a thief and perhaps a mage later on. I realised how few potions I have to protect from electricity so decided to return outside, find a thief of good alignment and finish of all the reputation boosting quests as there was now no chance of falling.

    We found Coran, gave away the key at the Cloakwood Mines, killed the worgs at the lighthouse, saved Arabelle etc. etc.

    When the potions have been bought we will return for the final battle.

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    Condolences, @Enuhal. You're a star player and it's hard to see a promising run cut short. Spellcasters are indeed very scary in BG2, especially early on when the party has fewer anti-magic options. Yuan-ti mages have always been one of the most challenging fights in SCS due to their numbers and pre-buffs. Even now I give them a wide berth whenever I can.
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