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Best weapon for backstab



  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,175
    then consider also the simulacrum of a MT or FMT casting BBOD from quick slot (the triple class can not do it from spellbook anyway), or the MT simulacrum with the same weapon and tensor.
    you can use all the invisibility potions you have with them without expending them.
    for the 2 multi with fighter it is even better to have the clones under mislead as then they, after applying some protection, like si abiuration to not be dispelled by a DM spell and stoneskin+mirror images , can use all their GWW while being at the back of the enemies.
    it is 10 backstabs/round with BBOD and even if you will not be able to use all them as you kill so fast that you have to relocate the clone the dmg/round you can get is really impressive.
    in some battles with multiple enemies, like the oasis, the fire giants or against sendai helpers, while the party takes care of the boss herself, such tactics can make the battle a lot easier.
    also the FT with UAI is perfect for this if you have spare simulacrum scrolls, and as it is only useful in few battles parties that are not packed with mages should have enough of them.

    some players prefer to not use scrolls and items from the clones quick slots, but imo for the EE MT simulacrum to make an exception is somehow fair.
    because the EE simulacrum is bugged, in the original game he retains the spells in the order the mage memorize them in his spellbook, so the player has control over the spells retained by the clone, in EE, probably to make the spellbook more clean grouping together the same instances of a spell memorized, the clone uses the alphabetical order to retain the spells.
    so there is almost no control, the quick slot can be used, at the price to cast them slowly as rov and aop don't work with spells cast from quick slot.

    again those are super powerful tactics that somehow trivialize the game, making some battles a lot easier, but at least once to play like that is really fun.
    maybe reloading the battle after the victory and playing it more fair as i usually do... ;)

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,175
    edited February 8
    a weapon that is also very good to backstab is the blade of roses, that you can get in the cc after killing the slavers.
    the reasons are that it is +3, and for most early game thieves the thac0, even with the boost of hitting from invisibility, is an issue if the enemy has some armor, but mainly the damage.
    it is not the maximum damage, that is the same of every +3 long sword, but the fact that with it you roll 2d4 instead of 1d8.
    so even with the minimum possible roll you get 2+3 (enchantment level)=5 and on average you get 0.5 more compared to a regular long sword.

    an early soa thief has probably a 4x multiplier, so the minimum possible dmg roll with it and the str belt you can buy from ribald (19 str=+7dmg, not multiplied) will be 4*5 + 7= 27 dmg, the same you get with the staff of rynn (1d6 +4), on average you get 5+3 instead of 3.5+4 and in the better case 8+3 instead of 6+4.
    as soon as the thief gets 5x the minimum multiplied output is 25+7=32.

    it is cheaper to buy then rynn ( but a thief should not have money issues), but you loose a thac0 point and the speed factor is 3 instead of 1 and has less reach so is worst against moving targets and slightly worst at hit and retreat to hide again tactics.

    it is the most damaging early soa stabbing weapon without charges that i know of, as minimum output.
    as average and maximum output. it is also very close to celestial fury as average and maximum output, the katana's values are 5.5+3 and 10+3, but it lacks of the katana's chance to stun and 5% chance of doing more damage.
    for those that care more of the worst case then of the better one it is the best option, while on the high side of the luck the katana is the best option.

    the +2 char is also really useful when the thief buy something he can not steal, then sell it to an other merchant and steal it to cover part of the price he had to pay. and as there are so many shops from which you can steal there is absolutely no rp problem to do it, while some players can not like to sell and steal multiple times from the same fence.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,175
    monico wrote: »
    I also discovered that Iron Golem form can backstab which I find very funny (surely powerful too)
    Nothing says "surprise attack" quite like a 12-foot 5,000-lbs metal construct.

    klingon cloaking technology? ;)

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