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Victory Pose! An assassin playthrough of BG:EE

epicrakshasasepicrakshasas Member Posts: 71
Greetings all, this will actually be my first time fully completing Baldurs Gate. I will be playing a somewhat rp-driven experience. My charname is Shoraka of the Eternal Death, a neutral evil assassin. But first, a quick history of Shoraka:

I barely remember my life before Gorion. I am the foster child of Gorion, a man who lives inside of Candlekeep, the great library on the Sword Coast. One day of my youth stands out in particular, and is of most interest in this story: a death. I was young and playing by the main gates to Candlekeep. Imoen stood nearby, laughing at a story about prollops and tug-tails, or something like that. Then, a man, bleeding and battered approached, nay, crawled toward the main gate of Candlekeep. He was screaming for help, for a way inside the safe confines of Candlekeep. He was rejected by the Watchers, as he had not book. Then, an arrow seemed to sprougt from his back. A figure emerged from the woods behind him, carrying a bow. The figure had a dark sunburst emblazoned on his tunic. The man died slowly. I was horrified at first, but then, when I met the dying man's eyes, I was enthralled by what I saw.

From that day onward, I was obsessed with death. I searched throughout the sprawling halls of Candlekeep for books on death while Imoen and the other youth played. I found the truth behind that dark sunburst. It was the symbol of Cyric, god of strife. I devoted myself to Cyric, learning the arts of poison. Soon, within Candlekeep, I found a scroll of a forgotten prayer to Cyric. It was entitled "Victory Pose". This prayed allowed the caster to burn an image of their latest kill onto a piece of metal. 'The image was to be shown from a third-person, isometric view,' the priest of Oghma had said to me when I paid him to identify it. I prayed to Cyric, and asked him to grant me the use lf "Victory Pose" even if it meant I could never be a true cleric. I was granted the ability that I had always dreamed of, "Victory Pose".

So, that's the backstory. Hopefully, I'll be able to update this with my playthrough soon. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read my paragraphs!



  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 19,718
    edited April 2015
    An assassin is my favourite class/kit. I'll gladly follow your run.

    Good luck to Shoraka!

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  • epicrakshasasepicrakshasas Member Posts: 71
    edited April 2015
    I woke up with the morning light. I had heard that Gorion and I were leaving Candlekeep today. I supposed it was for the best. I could not kill anyone wilthin Candlekeep without arising the ire of everyone else, even Gorion. Ah, well. At least Gorion officially let me buy weapons. I got a book for Phydia(?). Fierbead Elvenhair, some old geezer, needed a scroll from Tethtoril, the man who was able to persuade Gorion to let me read in the library. Then, out of nowhere, some drunken and stumbling lout decided to attack me. It made my day. I swiftly dispatched him with my new dagger. An illusionist named Obe tried to teach me the fine values of leadership with illusions, but I just stole the illusion's weapons and armor. Unfortunately, the weapons were illusionary. I listened to a couple of chanters chanting about a god of murder who died. What irony is this? Oh, well. I would have given so much to be related to this "god of murder".

    I finally met up with Gorion after being pestered by Imoen, my childhood friend. Gorion still refused to tell me why we were leaving. I was about to tell him about my successful kill, but, a voice within me told me not to tell him. I like to imagine that it was Cyric's voice.

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