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Arnaeus Fighter/Sorcerer RP w/party no-reload SCS

ArnaeusArnaeus Member Posts: 90
I wanted to test my mod that seeks to mimic a fighter/sorcerer multiclass and I thought why not practice my writing skills at the same time by documenting the run. I will note I have not played past the Nashkel mines for at least 5 years (and most of my play since then has been testing out mods for my first run) and never played with mods before so this run is semi-blind and SCS in particular should seriously challenge me.

It never made sense to me that no-one knew Imoen was a Bhaalspawn so I shall be playing her as a second main character and a full Bhaalspawn.

Introducing our Heroes:
(if you are wondering about Imoens alterations, details are in the self-imposed rules spoiler)

Arnaeus is in many ways Imoens opposite. Imoen's heart is good and she struggles against the worlds attempt to taint that; Araneus on the other hand tries to be the man Gorion has raised him to be but struggles to deny the darkness that dwells within him. Where Imoen is impulsive, brilliant and erratic; Arnaeus is calm, rational and logical though no-where near as bright. Despite this the pair are inseparable and use their strengths to complement the others weakness.

Mods Used:

BG1 NPC Project
Vynd NPC
More Styles for Mages
BG1 Unfinished Business
Divine Remix (small parts)
Rogue Rebalancing (small parts)
Song and Silence (small parts)
Cursed Items
Staff of Withering
Revealed World map (just to avoid having to hit every border as I explore, will not use it to skip areas)
Thalantyr Item Upgrades
Baldur's Gate Mini Quests and Encounters Modification
Scales of Balance (small parts)
TeamBG's Armor
TeamBG's Weapons
TeamBG's bonus merchants in BG1 (will avoid anything overpowered)
Dark Horizons
Dark Side of the Sword Coast
Spontaneous Casting for Divine Classes
BG2 Tweaks
SCS (all improved encounters)
GUI Switch
Fighter/Sorcerer: A mod of my own devising. It is implemented as a kit for Sorcerer. It halves the XP gainrate (to simulate dual class splitting), and give THAC0 progression, saves, weapon use and Epic abilities equal to a fighter/mage)

Self Imposed Rules:

Roleplay run, so no metagaming
Imoen is a full Bhaalspawn
. Kit changed to shadowdancer (If she is going to be so significant I don't want her to just be my trap/lock
. monkey)
. Stats buffed up to 95 to match both CHARNAME and Sarevok (this is mainly so that I can dual her from
. Shadowdancer because of the stupid high strength requirement)
. If she dies the run is over
Any mod added items/spells I consider overpowered can't be used
No reloads (obviously)
Core Difficulty (but mod setup maximizes HP of everyone in the game, PC, NPC and enemies)
Character was rolled as a halfling for shorty saves but EEKeepered to appear human as I prefer them visually, in all other ways I respect my mod setups limitations for halflings (e.g. 17 str). This should have no in game consequences. I justify this as divine blood being dominant.

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  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 19,759
    Good to follow a new challenge, good luck!

    I've edited the OP to add [ / spoiler] so that people could give you likes/insightfuls : )

  • ArnaeusArnaeus Member Posts: 90
    bengoshi said:

    Good to follow a new challenge, good luck!

    I've edited the OP to add [ / spoiler] so that people could give you likes/insightfuls : )

    Ooops, thanks! First section has been played and I'm in the process of writing up :)

  • GoturalGotural Member Posts: 1,229
    Your character looks interesting! I'm also playing a no-reload run at the moment, with both Dark Horizons and SCS installed and it can quite scary at times, be careful! Also I love your Shadowdancer Imoen, it should be very good.

    Good luck, I'll follow your thread.

  • ArnaeusArnaeus Member Posts: 90
    Gotural said:

    Your character looks interesting! I'm also playing a no-reload run at the moment, with both Dark Horizons and SCS installed and it can quite scary at times, be careful! Also I love your Shadowdancer Imoen, it should be very good.

    Good luck, I'll follow your thread.

    Thanks a lot, you and BlackRaven are the no-reload runs I've read up until now that have inspired me to this. I did think about joining that group thread but as I'm trying to make this somewhat novel like I thought it would flow better with its own thread. If I do a slightly less story based playthrough I'll definitely put it in there.

  • MhamzaMhamza Member Posts: 228
    Good luck with the playthrough. Since Fighter/Mage is arguably the best multi-class I'm especially curious as to how a Fighter/Sorcerer would be.

  • ArnaeusArnaeus Member Posts: 90
    "I thought I asked you to clean the rats out of this building yesterday!"

    Arnaeus suppressed a groan at the dwarfs words.

    "I ain't here to wait on you all day princess, I'll be talking to Winthrop about our ale supplies when you're finally done. Hop to it! Get in there!"

    Without even waiting for a reply Reever stormed off in the direction of the inn.

    Arnaeus grimaced as he hefted his staff, clubbing rats was far from his favorite activity but within the walled fortress of candlekeep every man did their share. He had always been a thoroughly mediocre scholar and so this was his lot.

    As he reached for the door handle he reached within himself and called forth his magic, forming it into a shield around him. Rats may not be the most deadly foe but they still had a nasty bite that could quickly become infected.

    The door closed with a soft click behind Arnaeus and he paused for his eyes to adjust to the dim light cast by the few small lanterns hanging from the rafters. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a dark shape descend upon him from on top of a high pile of crates. He barely had time to realize it was far too large to be one of the cats who made the storehouse their home before it struck him, sending him tumbling to the ground. The dagger aimed at his neck struck his magical shielding and in a flash of blue light was deflected sideways.

    The dark figure recovered quickly, spewing curses as he rolled to his feet, dagger held before him menacingly. Arnaeus looked up at him from the ground, eyes wide with terror and staff forgotten in the dust. He scrambled backwards, still on his hands and knees, until his back thumped into a crate. His eyes never left the dagger pointed towards him.

    Now that wasn't very smart boy, all you done is make me angry. But I'll give you a choice... you tell me where that little sister of yours is and I'll make this quick, otherwise I will make sure you go slow and nasty

    Imoen; The thought of this dirty man menacing her filled him with a white hot fury, burning away his terror. As the would-be assassin advanced Arnaeus threw a spell of sleep at him with all the force he could muster, driving it into his mind with all his strength.

    A look of momentary surprise crossed Mendas face before it hit the ground hard, his nose breaking under the impact.

    Arnaeus grabbed the dagger and drove it into the mans back. Over and over again he stabbed, lost in fury until a shaking within his arms bought him back to himself. Looking down at the bloody corpse before him he felt oddly empty, he had just killed a man, surely he should have felt something he thought. Yet his calmness lent him clarity and he quickly searched the corpse for some clue, finally finding a now blood covered scroll within the mans vest

    "Be it known that a bounty has been placed upon the head of the foster children of Gorion, Arnaeus and Imoen."

    His mind could hardly comprehend the words, surely there was some mistake. Why would someone want them dead?

    He stumbled from the storehouse. Gorion. Gorion would know what to do.


  • ArnaeusArnaeus Member Posts: 90
    edited April 2015
    The mood in the inn was unusually subdued. It was still early in the day so most were still at their days work and those that were present felt the sombre aura radiating from the three at the bar and sensed it was not the time to be jovial.

    Imoen and Arnaeus sat on raised stools, the pitchers of mead in their hand all but forgotten as they contemplated the days events. Across the bar from them the balding Winthrop shook his head, an action that sent his jowels swinging back and forth.

    "It don't make no sense" he said "where could be safer than candlekeep? Ain't no fortress stronger on the sword coast"

    "That doesn't seem to matter" Imoen pointed out

    Winthrops sad gazed lingered upon her before he spoke, though it was clear from his tone he was trying to convince himself as much as anyone

    "One getting in is hard enough to believe, surely a second couldn't?"

    "It doesn't matter" Arnaeus said firmly"Gorion says we leave at sundown so that's what we're going to do"

    Imoen gave Winthrop a sympathetic look but she nodded her agreement. In truth he was as much Imoens foster father as Gorion, the two had taken to each other almost immediately upon meeting and she had spent more time in his tavern than in the library of candlekeep.

    "He's right, best we can do is prepare as Gorion has instructed" She paused for a moment before glancing over at a well dressed couple over by the main hearth before looking back at Winthrop

    "Perhaps that little job we discussed?" she suggested with a sly grin

    Winthrops facial expression hardened almost imperceptibly and his eyes flickered for just a moment for Arnaeus before returning to his foster-daughter. Most would have completely missed the change but Imoen knew him far too well and rolled her eyes at him.

    "You know well and good Arnaeus would never dob me in. Besides you know we're going to need that silver tongue of his to make this work"

    Arnaeus frowned at the two of them but the barkeep grunted his assent

    "see those two by the fire? Got more value in their jewelery than we'd normally see on every noble we get in here for a year combined" Imoen gestured with her eyes, kicking Arnaeus sharply in the shin when he turned his head to look

    "Could you BE any more obvious?" she muttered

    "Look I know you two have arranged for a small trinket here and there to go missing.. but you try and steal that much and the guards are going to investigate. Besides what would Gorion think?" Arnaeus directed the last at Imoen, subconsciously mimicking Gorions disapproving frown

    Imoen merely winked at him "Gorion practically told us to do this, 'do whatever it takes to prepare for a long journey' he said. Well powerful mage he may be but I doubt he's got two gold to rub together with the library providing everything he needs. How long do you think we're going to last out there without enough coin for supplies?"

    Arnaeus opened his mouth to protest but Winthrop got in first, his merchantile instincts getting the better of his worry over what tomorrow would bring for the two "Besides, those two aren't going to kick up a fuss no matter how much goes missing and risk wasting time they could be spending in the library. Besides you two will be long gone come sun up"

    Arnaeus nodded reluctantly, their logic had been sound even if Imoens interpretation went against the spirit of Gorions message "what do you need from me?"

    "You're going to wait for me to head upstairs and hide. Then you're going to go over there and charm them, convince them that Candlekeep ain't the place for fancy jewelry and they're best off leaving it in their rooms. Easy." Imoen said confidently

    Before waiting for a reply she stood and sauntered towards the stairs. Arnaeus couldn't help but admire the sway of her hips as she moved. Foster sister she may be but they weren't blood and that complicated their relationship, particularly when they were the only two around their age in the fortress. As she reached the stairs she turned and gave him a wink, showing she knew full well that he was watching, and he had the good graces to duck his head in embarrassment.

    Winthrop cleared his throat, pretending he hadn't seen the exchange "you're up"

    Arnaeus picked up his drink and casually wandered over to the fireplace near the noble couple

    "Step up to the heat, young one. You'll NEED a good fire to warm the chill stares of those monks. Most inhospitible, they are. Isn't that so, Lovey? The nobleman said, as much to his wife as to Arnaeus

    "Oh yes, darling, they are MOST standoffish"

    Arnaeus gave them a warm smile and he could see their defenses lower "Oh, I would not let it concern you, milday. Perhaps they are not used to wealth such as yours. You are quite wealthy, are you not? Bring a lot of expensive jewelry with you?"

    "Perhaps that was it? It may have looked as though we were showing off. I'm going to lock all my jewelry back in the room dear, so I don't offend them again" She said to her husband, returning Arnaeus' smile

    "A capital idea, Lovey. Perhaps I should do the same? Leave the finery under lock and key while we brush up on our reading? I can think of no safter place than here. I doubt very much that a scoundrel would pay the book fee into this place to burgle the Inn. Laughable!"

    He stayed a few minutes to exchange minor pleasantries and then excused himself back to the bar

    "Best you make yourself scarce in case they find their jewelery missing sooner than expected, wouldn't do to have them see you and put two and two together. Here ol' Fuller needs a new quiver of bolts and he'll be able to vouch for you being elsewheres" Winthrop pushed the bolts towards him

    "I'm not going anywhere that Imoen is not until we leave" Arnaeus said firmly

    "That girls as good as a daughter to me, ain't no-one harming a hair on her head while she's in my inn, you have my word" He reached below the bar and Arnaeus knew his hand rested in the heavy club stored down there.

    After a moment Arnaeus nodded and grabbed the bolts but as he turned to leave the innkeepers hand grabbed his sleeve

    "In here she's safe.. but out there I can't do anything for her. Promise me you'll keep her safe and bring her back to me one day?"

    "You have my word"

    ((I apologize for the prologue taking so long and for my mediocre writing skills, but I really wanted to make the story my own and I think it's nice to add some depth to NPCs and events that are only very minor in the game, showing them in a new light))

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  • ArnaeusArnaeus Member Posts: 90
    edited April 2015
    Fuller smiled widely as Arnaeus entered the barracks, taking the bolts with a nod

    "Thanks, kid. I hear tell you might be leaving this place soon. Watch your back out there, okay?"

    Arnaeus returned the nod and turned to leave but Fuller motioned for him to wait and reached down and pulled a dagger from his belt

    "Here, let me give you this dagger. My father killed a hobgoblin with it once, many years ago. Stabbed him right in the back, he did. It ain't no broadsword, but then I never could get you to spend the time to learn the ways of a sword."

    A sad expression crossed his face and he quickly busied himself putting away the bolts to hide it "Now take care of yourself out there ok?"

    "I will, thank you for everything" Arnaeus said, turning to leave


    Imoen grinned widely as she saw him approach, holding up a large purse "Even got old Frostbutton Gnollpubes to give me a purse of coins for the trip, took a bit of pestering but he's always been sweet on me"

    As she spoke they saw Gorion hurry towards them.

    " Listen carefully. If we should ever become separated, it is imperative that you make your way to the Friendly Arm Inn. There, you will meet Khalid and Jaheira. They have long been my friends, and you can trust them." He said as he ushered them towards the gatehouse.


  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,276
    Nice write-up @Arnaeus! I hope your namesake will fare well, so that we readers can long enjoy your writing :)

  • ArnaeusArnaeus Member Posts: 90
    ((a few notes before I begin. I killed the other two assassins in candlekeep and did all the usual fetch quests for the experience. But I felt including them would have detracted from the narrative so I left them out.

    Also I will be making travel times longer in my writing than they are in game. At the moment I am thinking fully exploring an area should be the work of a day and travelling between most areas take several days but I will adjust as I believe seems appropriate))

    They traveled long into the night. Not wanting to give away their position they traveled without torch or lantern, relying on the moon to light their path.

    Suddenly Gorion threw up his hand, motioning for the others to stop.

    "Wait.. something is wrong. We are in an ambush"

    Imoen and Arnaeus strained their eyes peering into the darkness but could see nothing. Arnaeus was about to speak when he noticed a faint glow approach from directly in front of them.

    The glow resolved itself into a pair of gleaming golden eyes framed by a helmet metal helmet shaped in the form of some devilish creatures face. The rest of the figure was clad similarly in gleaming black armor covered in wicked spikes. Behind him trailed five others, two of which towered over all before them.

    "You are perceptive for an old man. You know why I am here. Hand over your wards and no-one will be hurt" The figures voice seemed impossibly deep, like it reverberated up from the earth itself

    Gorion seemed unphased as he summoned his defensive magics "I would be a fool to trust your benevolence"

    "I'm sorry that you feel that way old man" the figure grinned as he spoke, gesturing for his companions to strike

    Gorion responded quickly, incanting he threw a bolt of lightning which seared clean through an ogre, leaving a gaping hole in its chest as it collapsed to the ground.

    Arnaeus and Imoen took their lead from their father and attacked the other ogre. Arnaues dagger embedded in the creatures shoulder and it hardly seemed to notice but Imoens aim was true and her arrow flew into the creatures eye socket, penetrating deep and dropping to beside it's companions.

    As the armored figure advanced upon gorion two archers took up aim and returned fire at Imoen, narrowly missing only because Arnaeus dived, tackling her to the ground.

    "Run children, get out of here!" Gorion ignored the figure advancing upon him, instead throwing a fireball at the archers just as they prepared for another shot.

    The two men fell screaming as the flames consumed their still living flesh.

    Getting to their feet the pair ran from the clearing, realizing that having to protect them would harm the mighty mage far more than they could help him.

    Adrenaline lent them strength as they ran into the night, stopping only when the sun crested the horizon hours later.

  • ArnaeusArnaeus Member Posts: 90
    When they had caught their breath the pair looked at each other grimly. Neither wanting to contemplate the events of the previous night, yet fate left them little choice.

    "We need to go back for him" Imoen said, her soft words shattering the morning silence

    "You heard Gorion, if we become separated we are to make our way to the Friendly Arm and meet him there" Arnaeus said, though in truth he dreaded the idea of traveling without their foster father

    "He could be injured back there, or wandering around looking for us.. we have to go back" She insisted

    "Or he could be dead and those who ambushed us waiting, if we go back his sacrifice might be in vain" As soon as the words were out of his mouth he regretted them, but it was the truth.

    Imoens face clouded and he could tell that if she had the energy to lift her arm she would have slapped him "How dare you even think that! she screeched "Gorion is a powerful mage... a few bandits couldn't even touch him"

    Arnaeus knew full well that Imoen realized those who confronted them in the darkness were more than mere bandits, but he did not speak to contradict her; He looked away instead, unable to stand the anguish on her face "You are right, after all he has done for us we should go back for him.. and if the worst has befallen him it will be the last thing those who hunt us expect"


    It took them half the day to cover the same distance they had managed in less than two hours during their flight. Weariness had set in and in truth neither was in a hurry to confront what, in their hearts, the already knew.

    As they reached the clearing they barely even noticed the battered state of the landscape, the earth pockmarked with craters and burnt patches.

    They had only eyes for the figure in simple grey robes, now stained mostly crimson. His body had been cut clear in two by a mighty blow; It was clear from a glance that he was beyond the help of even the most powerful of priests.

    Imoen ran to him as if she could yet save him if she was fast enough, tears streaming down her face. Throwing herself down beside him she cradled his balding head in her lap. Arnaeus just stood dumbfounded, struggling to comprehend how completely his life had changed in a single day. Not knowing what else to do he began digging a grave, he would not leave his mentor for the animals.


    With Gorion buried they began to walk. Imoen had found a note amongst his belongings along with a few other items they kept as reminders of the closest thing they had to a father. The note urged them again to travel to the Friendly Arm Inn and while they both worried that their attackers had read the note, neither was able to offer a better alternative. They kept off the main road, preferring to remain unseen as they traveled.

    The first few days of their trip passed unmarred but on the third day an old man approached them dressed in a bright red robe and hat

    "Ho there, wanderer. Stay thy course a moment to indulge an old man. It's been nigh unto a tenday since I've seen a soul walking way out here, and I've been without decent conversation since. Traveling nowadays appears to be the domain of either the desperate or the deranged. If thou wouldst pardon my intrusion, may I inquire which pertains to thee?"

    Imoen seemed taken with the man and smiled warmly at him but Arnaeus was not nearly so convinced, there was more to this man than met the eye

    "Not to imply anythign, but how do you measure up to your own standards? Pestering strangers about their mental state doesn't seem all that well adjusted to me" He had not meant his words to come out so rude, but he was in no hurry to divulge any more information than he had to.

    Still the old man seemed unperturbed "Point well taken, and thou hast answered my query most adequately. I shall think of thee as determined instead. I shall trouble thee no more, as thou art more than capable of the task at hand. North is the Friendly Arm Inn, where I am certain thou shalt find trustworthy friends awaiting. I have said too much and taken too much time from thee. Fare thee well."

    The mans tone had been friendly enough but his words made Arnaeus' blood run cold and he was halfway to drawing the dagger Fuller had given him before Imoens hand on his arm stopped him. The old man took no notice of the exchange and walked on.

    "He know's about the inn! the only way he could have known is if he read the note or spoke to someone who did!" Arnaeus said with a harsh whisper when the man was out of earshot.

    "I don't know how he knew... but he didn't exactly act like he was out for our blood now did he? You're right something isn't right here, but that don't mean we can start murdering those who haven't attacked us first"

    Arnaeus gave a reluctant nod, conceding the point. They continued traveling but with greater caution, constantly on the watch for the next attack. Their vigilance paid off as Imoen noticed a glint between two rocks and using her nimble fingers retrieved a ring that radiated magical energy.

    "Tymora watches over us! not every day you find hidden magical rings now is it! I wonder what it does.. maybe it'll turn me invisible!" before Arnaeus could stop her she had slipped it onto her finger "Can you see me?!"

    "Yes Imoen I can still see you and may I suggest we work out what magical items do before we go putting them on? For all we know it could have turned you into a frog!" Arnaeus shook his head at her, for such a bright girl she could be so very foolish

    "Wouldn't be so bad, I'm sure if you'd given me a kiss I'd have turned back into a princess" She gave him a wink and continued on before he could retort.

  • ArnaeusArnaeus Member Posts: 90

    Nice write-up @Arnaeus! I hope your namesake will fare well, so that we readers can long enjoy your writing :)

    @blackraven thanks for the kind words. I'm kind of worried I'm being too long winded with the very early parts of the plot. Would you guys prefer I skim over a bit of the details to get into the actual challenging parts of the run?

  • ArnaeusArnaeus Member Posts: 90
    The two looked up at the Friendly Arm in awe, it's huge walls towered above the surrounding forest and the inner keep loomed taller still.

    "Well... I guess if a library can be a fortress why not an inn?" Imoen said, cocking her head as if the sight before her would make sense if viewed from a different perspective "I guess we go in?"

    "Let's scout the perimeter first" Arnaeus gestured back towards the forest

    It quickly became evident that the surrounding forest was infested with Hobgoblins, but each group was dispatched with ruthless efficiency before they were able to make a single attack.

    "I think they were trying to become mages" Imoen stated as she rummaged through the packs of the latest group to fall before her bow and Arnaeus' thrown daggers as magic kept them sleeping.

    Arnaeus gave her a bewildered look

    "Look!" she said as she held up a handful of magical scrolls


    "More likely they murdered some poor mage trying to find sanctuary within these walls" Arnaeus said as he studied the scrolls.

    Imoen fell quiet, unable to dispute the gory truth of his words.

    Eventually they had circled back to the entrance and there was nothing left to do but enter or leave

    "I'll scout ahead, see what I can find. Besides even if they're looking for us they'll be looking for two people not one"

    Arnaeus didn't like the idea but he couldn't find a reason to object. He nodded his assent and Imoen.. vanished; Neither of them was quite sure how she did it but it was something they had discovered she was capable of during their trip.

    Imoen crossed the drawbridge, unseen by the guards standing upon it. Slowly making her way towards the main building she noticed a man closely examining all who entered, stopping a few to question them. Rather than exit she continued to explore the castle grounds until she came upon a merchant who had set up shop by the temple

    "Ooooh, shopping!"



    They walked away from the inn, whatever help had waited there had undoubtedly fled or been killed by those who pursued them. They decided to head to Beregost, for there lived the mage Firebead Elvenhair, a scholar who often visited Candlekeep who had always been kind to the pair.

    As they traveled they stumbled upon a great Ogre, they knew that neither of them could stand face to face with it and lived so they ran in opposite directions to confuse it. As soon as it began to chase one of them the other would pelt it with daggers or arrows until it changed its target at which point the other would do the same. Eventually the Ogre succumbed to a myriad of minor wounds and on its corpse they discovered not one but two magical belts.


    When they finally reached Beregost Firebead welcomed them with open arms

    "Children! I thought I might never lay eyes upon you after they found Gorion! Thank all the gods you are safe"

    They dined with him that night and he offered them lodging for as long as they wished, asking only they fetch the occasional book for him

  • ArnaeusArnaeus Member Posts: 90
    edited April 2015
    They had been in Beregost a week now. The quiet should have been a relief, yet they found themselves more and more restless with each passing day. When they could not stand the though of another quiet night of reading at Firebeads house they resolved to investigate the Fieldpost Inn across the road.

    "'Ere now, get out! I don't like your type in here!"

    The pair gave the man no mind as they walked to the bar. But the local was persistent, walking up and pushing Arnaeus hard

    "Hey! I told you to get lost! Ain't no room here for ye troublemakin' strangers!"

    Before Arnaeus could balance himself to respond Imoen slipped between the two men

    "No need to get all bent out of shape, There's plenty of bar for us all" She gave the man her best winning smile

    "Hey, I take whatever shape I want! I'm sick of you freakish adventurers going out, consorting with gods know what, and dragging your trouble back into my hometown! What do you say to that?!" The man glowered down at Imoen

    "I just do what I think is right. We solve a lot more trouble than we cause. Well, very nearly anyway." She gave the man a wink

    "Oh, you think it's funny, do you?! You mess up the local economy with your treasure, you upset the balance of nature, you flash your magic around, and because of it maybe somebody's son thinks it's fun and goes and gets himself killed! it's a bad example and somebody ought to kick your ass for it!" The drunk yelled, his anger increasing with every point

    Imoens face darkened "hold on! Everyone goes their own path, and I'll not be held accountable for what the fates deal. She jabbed a finger into the mans chest for emphasis

    The man seemed suddenly uncertain at the challenge, anger battling with sorrow on his face "He was a good boy till your kind came through town! Filled his head with nonsense they did, and because of it he's dead! now why shouldn't I take THAT out of your hide?!"

    Imoens expression softened to one of sympathy "If you knew him like you think, then ask yourself if he wouldn't have gone anyway. It's a calling you're born with. Nobody gives it to you."

    Arnaeus who had been listening quietly, knowing better than to interrupt Imoen, was struck by her words. That was the truth of it, as much as their journey had started in tragedy they had ended up enjoying it. Adventure called and unless the two of them responded the restlessness they felt would only increase.

    The farmer was less convinced "Tain't True! He was going to take over the farm and settle down. Maybe apprentice with Thunderhammer during the winter. He never wanted to adventure."

    The mans friend, standing quietly to the side until now, put a hand on his shoulder and gave his head a small shake "That was what you wanted, Marl! Fun's fun, but ye're blaming these folk fer what couldn't be helped. That boy was a firebrand if ever there was..."

    Marl rounded on his friend "No! He was settling down! He wanted... he wanted..." The anger fell away as a tear rolled down his cheek

    "That new plow ye bought last year, he got the gold by helping clear kobolds near Ulgoth's Beard. He wanted to make a difference, make the realms a bit safer. Just like these folk most likely." the friend spoke the words softly

    "By Chauntea, why couldn't he just stay home?!" The tears flowed freely now down Marls face

    Imoen gave him a sad smile "The realms call and you go. He sounds a fine lad, taken too soon, but doing what he was meant. If you'll suffer my company, I'll buy a round and toast his memory with you."

    Arnaeus marveled at how easily she had resolved the situation when just a few minutes earlier he was preparing to knock out the mans teeth. That night as they drank with the locals they found out that none had come up the south road from Nashkel in weeks and resolved to set off the next day to remedy the situation.


    The next morning they departed towards Nashkel.

    Investigating a half sunken house they were confronted by ghouls and ghasts that were quickly put down from range.

    Heading back towards the road they noticed through the treeline two giant ogrillions on the road. They attacked the creatures at range, threading the gaps between the trees wide enough for arrow or blade but too skinny for the lumbering creatures to pass through. The first of the brutes fell as it rounded the treeline but the second, undaunted, charged them.

    As it loomed over him Arnaeus moved to dodge but his foot slipped on the boggy ground and a great fist connected with the side of his head; Were he not wearing a helmet his head would have been crushed, as it was he was sent sprawling and the world went black.

    Imoen desperately let loose her arrow and it plunged into the creatures heart, felling it before it could finish off the unconscious Arnaeus.


    ((wow welcome to a no-reload run I guess. Literally the first attack role made against either character since leaving candlekeep is a natural 20 that leaves a character on 1 life. I was very lucky not to have my run just come to an end here and it'll teach me that I have to be much more cautious than I have been))

  • GoturalGotural Member Posts: 1,229
    Nice progress Arnaeus ! Be very careful though, I would never send my Charname in melee in a no-reload run until at least level 4-5.
    Concerning your writing it's totally fine I think. I personally don't enjoy too much a detailed story in Candlekeep as I know the chores by heart and did them so many time, but as soon as you leave the prologue, I love reading everything and your writing is very good !

  • ArnaeusArnaeus Member Posts: 90
    edited April 2015
    @Gotural Thanks for the feedback. Yeah I actually didn't mean to have him in melee, it was a slight misclick on my part. As I said up until that point I hadn't even let opponents get a single attack roll on my characters.

  • ArnaeusArnaeus Member Posts: 90
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    A potion healed the worst of Arnaeus' injuries and the duo decided to continue clearing the road.

    Investigating a cave visible from the road they found a create with more healing potions and some gold; concluding it was likely the stash of bandits they felt no qualms commandeering the supplies. Shortly after they came upon a group of hobgoblins heading towards the cave and once again they slit their throats one by one after Arnaeus sent them into a magically induced slumber. A pair of magical boots were found on the band which seemed to further enhance Imoens abilities of disappearance.


    A group of three soldiers came into view on the road before them, their armor emblazoned with the symbol of the flaming fist, soldiers and peacekeepers. Imoen smiled and waved as they approached.

    "You there! You're under arrest for banditry and highway robbery! We know you're part of that bandit group who's been terrorizing the Coast Way. Give yourselves up, or there will be trouble!" The central figure shouted when they were close

    Imoen cocked her head in confusion "You've got the wrong people. We're not part of any bandit group"

    "Really now? Why should we believe..."

    Before the guard could even finish speaking Arnaeus hit him with a sleep spell, he would not be robbed by any man regardless of his uniform. The two other guards took one glance at their falling captain and charged Arnaeus, swords drawn.

    Not liking the idea of facing men in plate mail with large swords with his small dagger Arnaeus took off at a run, he glanced back to see Imoen lean down and drive her own dagger under the captains helmet and into his throat.

    Suddenly Arnaeus stopped and spun on the men facing him, they raised their swords but before they could swing another sleep spell sent them falling to the ground. They took the mens Armors and hid their corpses in a pile of trees before continuing on.


    Foolishly they made the mistake of continuing on deep into the night and paid the price when a group of Hobgoblins managed to surround them. thankfully after a sleep spell and a single keen shot from Imoen only a single Hobgoblin remained standing and he was quickly dispatched.


    They waited for daybreak before continuing on and this time it was they who ambushed the hobgoblins, this time within their own camp. Sleep spells and archery soon ended the threat they posed to travelers.


    The source of the trouble eliminated the rest of the trip to Nashkel went without incident. After a week on the road the pair looked forward to a real bed in an inn. However as soon as they pushed the door opened they were confronted by an armored figure

    "Just fancy my luck seeing you stroll in here, bold as day! I expected a hunt and a chase from the description, but who am I to argue easy coins in the purse? May the Lord of Shadows guide you swiftly to your death!"

    Neither of the two bothered trying to talk the assassin out of her quest, instead Imoen drew her bow and Arnaeus cast his spell. However for the first time his sleep magic seemed to have no effect on the woman as she cast a spell of her own, locking Imoen in place before she could fire her first shot.

    Arnaeus charged the woman with his dagger, calling down a spell of shielding upon himself but before he could reach her an unholy Aura filled the air, wounding Imoen badly.

    As the assassin went to cast her next spell Arnaeus' dagger snaked in and delivered a wicked slash across her arm, interrupting her concentration and causing the spells magic to dissipate. Again and again the woman attempted to call down her evil magics only for the daggers enchanted edge to find a gap in her armor. She died with the last spell still upon her lips as the blade carved out her throat.


    The stay in the inn was not as restful as they hoped, with both being plagued with vivid, unsettling dreams. Even more unsettling, as they spoke of their dreams over breakfast they realized they had the exact same dream with one difference, while Arnaeus took the offered path Imoen refused and forged her own.

    "What do you think it means?" Imoen asked finally

    Arnaeus shook his head for he had no answers

    ((So I nearly end my run again... it's at this point I really realize I'm taking no-reload much too lightly and need to be much more cautious. I was forced into melee combat because I had used the last of my throwing daggers on the road, while I was tempted to go resupply at the Nashkel store I forced myself not to metagame and go into the inn unprepared. Likewise I was relatively certain that sleep wasn't going to cut it but Arnaeus has yet to encounter anything it didn't hit so I felt obligated to spend a round casting it.

    I discovered EE changed the shield amulet to protect against magic missiles which the original didn't so my selection of the shield spell was very wasteful.

    I knew sleep was going to be only good for the early parts of bg1 but I thought shield would be more useful. I shall have to make my other 3 level 1 spell choices count. At this point I magic missiles is a definite and the rest is a choice for 2 of: blur, prot evil, spook and prot petrification))

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  • GoturalGotural Member Posts: 1,229
    Good progress ! Don't hesitate to metagame slightly, it is often easy to find a roleplay reason to do it.
    You can scout with Imoen, use her exceptionnal intelligence (17), or even say that sometimes, your character has a 6th sence due to his heritage that warns him about the future.
    In all honestly I think that a character that survived a few ambushes is probably going to become a bit paranoid, if in real life I had 25% chance per day of being attacked by a man with a gun and if I had a bullet proof vest in my house, I would always wear it, everyday, no matter what.

  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,276
    I just saw your question. You're not being longwinded. I think it's good that you start off a bit slow. It allows you to set the scene and to introduce the characters. Keep up the good work.

  • ArnaeusArnaeus Member Posts: 90
    @Gotural: Yeah I'm still finding where that line is that I'm comfortable with. For instance I metagamed the knowledge about the FAI assassin because even scouting with Imoen he doesn't appear hostile until the coversation meaning I needed to fill in some of the knowledge through RP. Thanks for the advice though I will definitely keep it in mind

    @blackraven thank you for the feedback, it's good to know I'm getting the balance about right.

    @everyone, thanks a lot for the likes and comments, every time I see them it lets me know that people are enjoying the story and inspires me to write the next section

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    "Hi, I'm Noober. Nice place, huh?"

    Imoen gave the man a smile and a wave but kept walking. The duo had decided to explore Nashkel before heading back to Bergost, though neither had much appetite for a carnival. The stranger trotted along to keep up with them

    "So, killed any monsters yet?" He asked

    "Oh hundreds!" Imoen exclaimed hobgoblins, kobolds, gibber..."

    The man didn't even let Imoen finish speaking "Ever been to Baldurs gate? I've been to baldurs gate"

    "No we have.." Imoen attempted to remain polite, but a hint of annoyance crept into her voice

    "Ugh , I think I stepped in something" Noober exclaimed, rubbing his shoe along the path

    "Ugh, I think I stepped in something" Imoen mimicked in a nasally voice

    The man looked flabbergasted but continued anyway "What's that big weapon for"

    Imoen kept repeating him and each time the man became more and more uncomfortable until eventually he simply bolted in the other direction

    "Well.. that sure showed him! Imoen exclaimed triumphantly

    "Congratulations, I think having defeated the towns village idiot you are now entitled to his crown" Arnaeus responded with a small grin

    "Oooh, you think it's made of gold?" Imoen replied, ignoring the sarcasm

    As soon as she finished speaking she tripped over a lump sticking out of the field through which they were walking. As Arnaeus helped her up they discovered it to be a suit of strange armor, it seemed sturdy enough so they put it into their bag of holding.

    Deciding they had enough of the peculiar town they departed for Beregost, arriving without incident.


    Firebead listened patiently to the tales of their heroism, embellished only sightly by Imoen, and seemed genuinely happy they had found a calling. He mentioned to them that if they were to be adventurers that a house in town was infested with giant spiders and that if they cleared it out a lady within the friendly arm inn might be most appreciative. He also told them of a great wizard named Thalantyr who sold magical artifacts, if one could get past his flesh golem guards.

    The next morning they resolved to investigate all that firebead had told them. The spiders proved easy to dispatch thanks to a single sleep spell.


    With the arachnid menace sorted they decided to venture towards Thalantyrs tower. Before departing a stack of 100 magical arrows were purchased, for Firebead had told them that no normal weapon could pierce a flesh golems leather hide.

    A few skeletons attempted to block their path but, although their weapons were slightly ineffective, the pair disposed of them without issue.

    It was decided Imoen would investigate the tower first, her ability to disappear from sight had developed rapidly and now she could do it with a mere thought, seemingly without limit. She found two golems and took them down one by one, slowly whittling them down with her magical arrows before disappearing from their sight.


    The task done they ventured in to speak to the wizard. He seemed unbothered his guardians had been slain, as if it had been a right of passage. For a small fee he upgraded Fullers magical dagger so that it could be thrown and magically return to the wielder.


    Imoen insisted that since Arnaeus got something, she should as well. She selected a circlet, caring little for it's enchantment but reminding Arnaeus she was promised a crown.


    As they left Thalantyr to return to Beregost they both agreed that they were true adventurers now, prepared for the road ahead.



  • Jaheiras_WitnessJaheiras_Witness Member Posts: 563
    Any chance you could post your fighter/sorcerer kit or upload the files somewhere? Very interesting concept, would like to check it out. Thanks and good work :)

  • ArnaeusArnaeus Member Posts: 90
    @Jaherias_witness Yeah I will, it's a bit hacky but if the testing goes well during this play through I will release it. Just want to make sure there are no obvious bugs first

  • ArnaeusArnaeus Member Posts: 90
    The bard strummed his lute and within a few moments every conversation within the room died; The only sounds the crackling of the hearth and the note lingering in the air. Satisfied he had the crowds attention he began to perform, telling the tale of Black Alaric. The crowd listened keenly as he spun tales of swashbuckling exploits and daring feats finishing with a claim that black Alaric buried his treasure in a cave just south of Candlekeep and then sailed off, never to be seen again.

    "That's it!" Imoen exclaimed over the applause

    Arnaeus just looked at her blankly.

    "This is how I'm going to get a ballad written about me, I'm going to find Black Alarics Treasure. It will be the tale of Imoen the Quick and her sidekick Arnaeus, just think of it!"

    Arnaeus remained silent, raising a single eyebrow at the term 'sidekick'.

    The barkeep cleared his throat to get their attention"Best be careful if you's heading to the coast, areas infested with Sirens that can charm a man with their song. Lucky for you's I got just the thing, had an adventurer come through a whiles ago who couldn't pay his tab... so I got his helmet that protects from just that sort of thing instead. Since I like you both so much, only a thousand gold pieces"

    Arnaeus blanched at the price but he had always found it difficult denying Imoen anything and soon the two were venturing forth in search of pirates treasure.

    As soon as they arrived on the coast they were attacked by a tribe of hobgoblins, but like so many of their bretheren before they fell to a sleep spell.


    For hours they searched the beaches, encountering siren after siren, just as the barkeep had warned. The helmet kept Arnaeus safe while Imoen drank a potion she had stolen from Candlekeep. However their voice was not the sirens only weapon and both found themselves poisoned from arrow strikes, requiring potions of healing to keep going.


    Finally they found the cave and ventured inside. Great golems stood guard over the ancient treasure, but they were slow and lumbering, bought down at range before they posed a threat. Traps sought to thwart the duo as well but their quick reflexes avoided the worst of them.

    Finally they emerged into the main cavern and piled upon a rock surrounded by a pool of water was the famed treasure.


    Chief amongst their treasures were a magical tome, an enchanted cloak and a wand of paralyzation.

    It was not long before Arnaeus got a chance to test out his new wand when a fortune teller went insane and attacked them. It worked perfectly and the two cut her down as she stood immobilized.


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    "Ah glorious! Cyric has foretold of our meeting when thou wouldst join me and aid in vanquishing he who would oppose my will!" The gnome puffed out his chest grandly.

    Arnaeus and Imoen stared blankly at the small figure who had greeted them as soon as they stepped into the inn. After a moment Imoen squealed in delight

    "He's sooooo cute! can we keep him?!"She cried, rushing in to hug the gnome

    The gnome struggled against her, though it was clear he was no match for her "Ugh.. RELEASE ME WOMAN! CYRIC COMMANDS IT!"

    Imoen ignored the order, picking the gnome up and spinning him around before placing him back on the ground. Clearly rattled the gnome smoothed out his robe and cleared his throat when Tiax ascends you will pay for that affront woman, but serve as my minion in my fight against the accursed Mutamin and your crimes may yet be forgiven!

    Imoen knelt before the gnome, a mock serious expression upon her face "please forgive me oh mighty Tiax, of course I will serve you in your fight against.... who was it again?"

    Tiax spluttered "Foolish minion, against my archenemy Mutamin and his army of Bassilisks!"

    Arnaeus rolled his eyes and pushed past the gnome "Right.. basilisk army, got it"

    Marl grinned from the bar, clearly enjoying the exchange "He might not be entirely wrong, rumor has it there's a gnome near as insane as this one to the east who turns everyone who ventures near to stone"

    Imoen grinned "That does sound like something we should investigate.. and Tiax here clearly knows something about what's going on.. it's our duty as adventurers!"

    Arnaeus merely groaned



    Having purchased three protection from petrification scrolls from Thalantyr and three stone to flesh scrolls from the temple the trio embarked east in search of the basilisk wrangler Mutamin. As they drew near they began to see there was some truth to the tale, random animals all made of stone, far too perfect to be a carvings.

    The plan was agreed, Arnaeus would protect Tiax from petrification and he would sneak forward and poison Mutamin and then, according to him, by divine right the basilisks would serve him.


    Arnaeus knew the plan had gone awry when he heard the gnome shrieking as he ran towards them "minions! aid me! he's after me!" following behind him was what seemed a horde of basilisks as well as a tribe of Tasloi he had attracted with his screams.


    Arnaeus quickly protected himself and Imoen from petrification and they rushed to the gnomes aid. Tiax summoned his pet ghast and the group laid into the basilisks. Luckily Mutamin was no-where to be seen. As they fought a ghoul approached, apparently deciding that if its ghastly brethren fought for them, then he two could become their ally.

    Their petrifying gaze useless the basilisks fell easily, unused to having to defend themselves. The Tasloi soon followed. But the threat remained so the group resolved to find the mage and put an end to his evil. Basilisk after Basilisk fell before their onslaught until finally the gnome appeared to defend his minions.


    But Mutamin was magically fast and the group could not catch him. As they pursued the mad wizard another figure joined the fight, apparently another of Mutamins lackies.


    And then another


    The ghoul Korax managed to paralyze the first assailant


    But as he fell so too did brave Korax


    But it seemed Tiaxs ghast had somehow managed to catch Mutamin and slay him for it returned to the fray in time to paralyze the second.


    Deciding to investigate where the strangers had come from the trio found two other adventurers who had apparently stayed out of the fight, though they quickly challenge the group to combat. Arnaeus opened with a horror spell from a scroll while their mage threw a hold person at Tiax.


    The hold spell struck home, keeping Tiax pinned in place while the horror only managed to enrage a cave bear who had somehow wandered into the fight; it took out its confusion on the poor ghast and tore him to shreds


    The bear charged Tiax next while Imoen and Arnaeus faced off against their mage and archer, a mirrored dual


    The bear began mauling the helpless Tiax and the enemy mage, sensing a weak target, moved to finish him off


    Seeing the bear cause more carnage than either enemy combined Arnaeus switched targets and began pelting it with daggers until it fell


    The mighty bear destroyed, the two assailants fell in quick succession


    The party limped back to town where a priest was paid to revive Tiax, who was eternally greatful


    ((I apologize for how many screenshots there are in this one, but I feel they really tell a story of how chaotic this battle was.

    I can honestly say this was the most fun battle I've ever had in Baldurs gate and it is one that happened completely at random.

    I looked up a walkthrough on the area later and found out about the adventuring party who I hadn't known about. I think what must have happened is that SCS adds a 'cry for help' to NPCs and Mutamins must have triggered some, but not all, of that group to go hostile and run to help him.

    I didn't handle the fight as well as I could have but it was still a blast, I felt challenged for every moment of that battle and like a single wrong move could end the playthrough))

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 19,759
    And this is the fun of a no-reload game at its finest!

  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,276
    bengoshi said:

    And this is the fun of a no-reload game at its finest!

    Seconded, gotta love those impromptu enounters. Well-handled and well-written by the way!

  • ArnaeusArnaeus Member Posts: 90
    I think I now understand what @blackraven was talking about when he once wrote that if a NPC dies too much in a no-reload he considers it a failure. It really bugged me that I couldn't keep Tiax alive and I considered a number of solutions including saying no-resurrections for this run.

    In the end I have decided that if an NPC dies they have to sit out of the party to recover for a while and if they die soon after coming back into the party they are permadead.

    I wanted to bring as many npcs along as companions for at least a small stretch of the story as possible so this should work well with that aim. I just want to sample a bit of what the npc project adds to each of them.

  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,276
    Arnaeus said:

    In the end I have decided that if an NPC dies they have to sit out of the party to recover for a while and if they die soon after coming back into the party they are permadead.

    That's a nice solution. Might steal that idea from you for a party playthrough sometime. ;)

  • ArnaeusArnaeus Member Posts: 90
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    @Gotural I know you play with Dark Horizons too so I was hoping to get some advice. My game is a bit in advance of the story currently and I am struggling to decide what to do with items. I just fought the Duegar in the Nashkel mines and they dropped a huge quantity of magical items.

    They dropped many +3 weapons with extra benefits and a suit of +4 platemail not to mention a huge stack of +1 gear. I'm struggling to decide what I should do with the gear, I feel like if I use it I risk unbalancing the game severely, if I sell it I'm giving myself way more gold than I should.. but I am reluctant to just drop it because I feel like I earned it with that fight. There's also the fact I'm worried that if I don't use it I'm going to be underpowered for the rest of the mod.

    I was using a throwing dagger from the mod until recently when I realized it set my APR to 5 which is just way too powerful, a +3 dagger that did that would be too strong even in SoA. Likewise the sabre with +2 attacks and 100% save vs hold on hit. These items I am definitely not going to allow myself use of.

    What did you do with the Dark Horizons equipment? Advice from anyone else is welcome too

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