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Unable to transfer save from iPad to PC

I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section as this might be an Apple issue but can someone give me some ideas? I am trying to switch my saves back and forth from my iPad to my PC and I get the idea of using iFunbox, however when I load up the Funbox, BG II EE will not appear in the file share section whatsoever. When I access all apps I find it in there but when I click on it a message pops up saying that it can only access the files if it's in fileshare. So my question is how do I get the BG II EE on the file share section so I can open it! BG EE is already on file share and I can access that no problem. Does Beamdog not allow file transfers for BG II for some reason?! It's truly irritating as I dropped cash on both iPad and PC versions and now I can't share my character between versions.

Also of note, I retardedly upgraded the ios to 8.1.3 so there is no chance of me jailbreaking my iPad right now


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