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Who wants a New Item + N.P.C. Mod? [Help!]

WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 923
edited April 2015 in BG:EE Mods
I have some Items and some Non-Player Characters that I wish to finish and make into a small mod for starters (before I tackle the bigger mods). Although I am wondering if anyone would want them first and also how I can make them into a file that adds them to Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition?

He is a sample of my work (Warning: HUGE!):

"(New Item: Buckler of Unexpected Might)
'Current' Dialog File:
"Buckler of Unexpected Might or also less commonly know as, but rather more controversially The Existentialist's Arm. This particular buckler is very old and began its life as a mere heraldric wall adornment for a particularly wealthy noble family hailing from the trading port city of West Gate. The once proud family crest is now indecipherable from having been angrily dashed and defiled and a new overlaid symbol of the 6th Level Mage Spell Tenser's Transformation has been imprinted upon its boss. As the story goes, of which many noble Westhavian historians disagree and refute with one another for most of the records are blurry, bloodied and rewritten at best; but most can agree upon these following basic details. Around 257 to 260 DR the trading port city of West Gate also knows as the 'Gateway to the west' -from the Inner Sea to the east- was successfully invaded and the ruling powers were seized and violently replaced by pirate forces from the Pirate Isles. The inflicting upheaval of the ruling families brought much turmoil upon the city's wealthiest families of trade for they were forced into extortion and unfair trade laws and heavy taxation upon their family operations. A great deal of sources argue and contradict one another over which noble family's house has this buckler associated with its tumultuous history but most all historians will say that the buckler transformed into its current form soon after the new unfair jurisdiction of the recent self-proclaimed 'Pirate King of West Gate'. Most sources agree upon that after a particularly heavy taxation of trade was placed upon the wealthiest of noble merchant families of West Gate it caused one highly regarded noble to speak out against the heavy taxation. The following high noon the influential nobleman was slain outright by a gang of the King's pirates within the city's market in broad daylight, in view and a stone's throw from most noble trade family's major buildings of operation. This was seen by the trade families as a draconian declaration of unquestioning agreement of the new taxation or a swift heinous death. From here the story begins to fall apart and spiral into a contradiction of major details and heated debate among the leading historians of West Gate. Although a few details remain coherent and concise. Soon after the wicked and untimely death of a particularly charismatic noble of one of West Gate's influential trade families a young noble Half-Elven Mage or Arcane Spellcaster was pressured to align with the corrupt ruling party of the Pirate King or with an outside Cormyrian force wishing to overthrow the ruling party from within. The sources argue fiercely over the next few brief segments of the story but most agree that the Half-Elven Spellcaster did not choose a side and violently departed on bad terms from their noble house of West Gate. As to ask why that was in the wrong places of West Gate could result in heated shouting matches, violent brawls and even facticidal bloodshed in between of some of West Gate's more questionable of noble houses. Many believe that the once young noble Half-Elven Spellcaster is to be of the same blue blood as the last true king of West Gate and the sole survivor of the king's blood after the pirate upheaval. As a result of this violent debate there has been much clandestine bloodshed among some of the long existing noble families from time to time. Some of the noble families argue that they should rule the city of West Gate for they believe fiercely that their blood lineage hearkens back to the Half-Elven Spellcaster whom once owned this particular buckler. As to whether or not the the matter will resolve peacefully or will even subside is unknown but one thing is for certain, the magical enchantment placed upon this tiny shield is very very strong. Many agree that it would certainly make sense that only a very powerful or well trained Spellcaster could have placed the enchantment upon this particularly controversial bulwark. As to why and how such a strange and bizarre set of abilities and requirements were used for the unusual enchantment is an argued mystery. Also unknown is how it was used or how the uncommon magic was placed upon this item. There is a of great debate amongst historians and scholars alike over the usage and endeavours of said item; ranging from tales of great adventure to accountings of meek, cloistered cowardice and evasion. Either way of which one looks upon the history and the controversy of and or over this small yet surprisingly powerful buckler one can be sure that the shield is of surprising value and unexpected might, both physically and politically.


Armor Class Bonus: 2
Special: No Missile/Piercing Attack Protection
Special: Once Per Day Cast Tenser's Transformation:
Tenser's Transformation changes the caster into a heroic fighter for 1 round per level of the caster. Thus doubling the target's hit points, and giving them a +4 bonus to their armor class. All of the damage that the caster sustains takes away from the bonus hit points first. All of the wizard's attacks have the same chance to hit as a fighter of the same level, additionally the target is allowed to attack twice per round with a +2 damage bonus per attack.

Weight: 1

Not-Usable By:
Everyone except Neutral Aligned Characters.

It is intended to be a quest item / reward for Xan [To make him able to be a 'fighter' that he (supposedly) originally was before he got turned into "The only neutral mage". I 'currently' plan for the Quest to be Activated and Finished by Xan, but the party (You) can kick him after and keep the item: If one wishes:-P).
The Current [above] Buckler can be used by the ('Current') Non-Player Characters:
-> Xan: Lawful Neutral: Elf: Enchanter
-> Quayle: Chaotic Neutral: Gnome: Cleric / Illusionist
-> Neera: Chaotic Neutral: Half-Elf: Wild Mage
-> Deder: True Neutral: Halfling: Thief"
[Does Anyone have Suggestions? If so.. Please suggest them?]

Anyway in summery: I am wondering who would like / support this Project of these Ideas and other related Items and Non-Player Characters to be made into a small Mod and released to you guys? If so I will need some help in figuring out how to set it all up into a package for you guys though once every thing is finely polished.

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