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Narlen Darkwalk doesnt help bug

eckistereckister Member Posts: 37
Im not sure wether this has been discussed, Im too lazy to check. :-) sorry!

first off - description. when you take the main quest for the shadow thieves (the one where you are asked to steal the components for a Halruuan skyship) you can also do quests for Narlen Darkwalk, resulting in an encounter where he helps you (due to spoilers I will not say any more. :-))

Ive been experimenting a bit and Ive found out, that this bug is connected to Rasaad - if you dont recruit him right away and get attacked by Nimbul, he helps you and once Nimbul is dead, Rasaad enters conversation with you for some reason. afterwards the abovementioned bug will spawn.

if you recruit Rasaad before meeting Nimbul, the bug doesnt spawn.

the bug itself is somewhat useful, since you gain more exp due to it, buuuuut you know ... :-)



  • WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 923
    There is another beneficial 'bug' where if one character has over 100% fire resistance they gain hit points when fighting the summoned Phoenix Guards in Nashkel. They can be summon after inspecting a 'suspicious gravestone' in the gravel yard a bit too much *wink*.

  • eckistereckister Member Posts: 37
    edited April 2015
    do you mean permanent or temporary hps? 0_o and also - can the fire resistance come from a spell or just items?

    as for the gravestone - dont expect the phoenix guards to come up right away, at first its just a guy asking you to stop observing his gravestone. :smile: I think you have to click 2 or 3 times for the guards to appear.

  • KilivitzKilivitz Member Posts: 1,459
    Not exactly a bug - resistance over 100 is known to actually heal a character, just like negative resistance causes extra damage. Try the belt you can find on Gorion's body.

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