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Original Game-Loading Screen of Death

I'm playing the original game. I actually bought a second copy of the original game because my first one had a nasty habit of getting stuck on the loading screen every time I reached Nashkille.

Now, that problem has returned with a vengence. At some point in the gameplay, I've just started...well, getting stuck on a loading screen that refuses to move past a partial load every time I try to enter a new area. I can't progress the game at all.

Is my laptop too creaky to handle the information? Is there some obscure glitch that can be fixed with a patch? How could this happen to meee? I've made my mistakes! Got nowhere to ruuunn...

Any advice would be appreciated. =S Also I've got fairly limited tech skills (I am talking to you with magic box thing. It sends electricity into the internet!) so you might need to dumb down your replies a bit. ^^;

Yours Truly,


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