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Over ~550 Ancient Baldur's Gate Moddifcations via Dead Websites *Rare Downloads*.

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I Need Help In finding All Of The Remaining 'Removed' and Endangered Custom Content Websites: Any Help Is Welcome.
[Spoiler]Extinct Mods (Downloads!): Ancient Mod Cyber-Death Begone!

*UPDATE: I have found this 'master list' of every file downloadable from Dh'arlome's Keep, here is the Link: (It ain't pretty but they are all 'currently' there)*

Hello! I have been recently saving as much custom items and content from old Baldur's Gate Fan Websites with Custom Items, Spells, Monsters, Non-Player Characters that all face extinction.

I have for example saved all of what I could from these Great Dead Websites: (Via the Way Back Machine)
Baldur's Gate Store Room:
Neriah's Underdark:

*UPDATE: I have Defeated Cyber-Death and I have Archived all of Dh'arlome's Keep and a large amount of Arundor's Abode (Which has a new location here: @CoM_Solaufein should be thanked for the link).*[Spoiler]Although I cannot save the content from These example extinct websites:
Arundor's Abode:
Dharlome's Keep:
- [/Spoiler]Here is a list of more Extinct Websites: (While it lasts in these uncertain times..)

Please think of the future generations that will never see these Community 'Polar Bears' as their Cyber-Ice is quickly melting away as the days march on.

If anyone has any extinct Mods or any removed Custom Files that can no longer be downloaded please upload them so we all can safeguard them from extinction so that the new players can experience them too.

Also if anyone has any E-mails of any Old Baldur's Gate Modders who don't have their content currently downloadable please share them with the community.
[Spoiler]I have attached some assorted Extinct Baldur's Gate Mods below (Mostly Items, but some other stuff like Non-Player Characters and things; but no quests I think):
For Example: All of the 'Downloadable Stuff' From Baldur's Gate Storeroom and Neriah's Underdark websites are within the 7-Zip file.[/Spoiler][/Spoiler]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*Updated Download*: I have uploaded a new 7zip File that has roughly ~95% of every ancient modification and extra content known to the internet. It has Over 550 master zip files and from those files it contains over ~2000 related files; master Zip file name is: "...All Dead Baldur's Gate Mods and Content (Mostly).7z"
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