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tap_water_on_firetap_water_on_fire Member Posts: 28
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Sooo... I was hoping to play through BG:EE from the beginning with a motley band of well-intentioned cohorts* with the goal of eventually taking on BG2:EE together. My schedule is pretty unpredictable, but for now, my plan to game several times a week for a few hours in the late evening, Mountain Time (GMT -6); the exact details are flexible depending on what works best for everyone. As for playing with or without RP: that is negotiable. Any takers?

A little about me: I'm a casual player who is more of a "talk with everybody and explore the entire map before moving on, experience everything the game can offer so long as it agrees with my alignment" kind of person than a "build a perfect character with maximized stats and get through the game as efficiently as possible" gamer. Thus, my focus with this playthrough will be more on experiencing and enjoying the game's story with an eclectic group of individuals working together to the best of their ability. For this game, I intend to play a Half-Elf Druid Shapeshifter, though that may change depending on how our adventuring party balances... I'm a pretty easygoing person, so I'm willing to play what's needed (I have three other back-ups from different classes that I'm equally eager to play).

Game-wise, I've only beat what I estimate is about 90% of BG:EE: my first playthrough as a child with the original Baldur's Gate I didn't complete in favor of skipping to BG2 for reasons that are long forgotten to me, and in my most recent playthough of BG:EE, I got close to the end before I deciding I didn't like my character and starting anew. I did beat the original BG2 (with the help of a guide), but got stuck in the final battle of the expansion; my memories of the second game are hazy at best save for major plot points and I'm sure I skipped out on many miscellaneous quests, so playing BG2:EE will almost be a new experience for me. For the purposes of multiplayer, I figured it would more fun to experience the game with the unpredictability that only comes from joining forces with fellow players!
If you're new to the BG scene, I don't mind if you take charge and be the "Main Character" so you can experience the game at your pace--in other words, I'm cool with being "Lackey #3". ;)
As for BG veterans: your expertise is welcome, especially for those tough battles!

So please reply here if you have any questions or are interested, and let's finalize some plans to bumble valiantly quest through the Sword Coast!

*Even if our characters are dubiously successful--"Bravely bold Sir Robin", anyone? (RUN AWAY!)

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