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Baldurs Gate 2 Enhanced Beserker Dual Wield weapon(s)?

I am a War Terror - I am of a people so founded to their glory of fighting, they inhabit the Terror Form. It is when their innerblood becomes too engulfed in their power, for the world to stand for, so they must consume the lives of their inferior.

He was in an epic battle of his and his likely foe, when "putrid wretches" enslaved the last few living. He broke out of his dungeon, and performed his task against the wall guard, then embraced his Terror Form, upon the people too distracted on the gladiatoral games. The last of his people, were reinspired, and took up against the captors. They had decimated the "putrid wretches" and consumed them in all havoc and terror alike. But not before the last of his kin, were shot down with arrows.

So now The War Terror, is on the path, to reclaim his Glory, the standing legend, of their everlasting existence. Tried taken, by the inferior "wretched spews", he will only unite with those likewise worthy of the Terror Form.

What weapons should I dual wield with on him? I have been throwing down the cycles of RPG/State-game based interaction. I just cant come to anything definitive.

Half Orc -
Two Weapons-
3.Long swords?
4. 1,2,3/hammers?



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