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Cossacks 3 announced, should be out in 2015

JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 18,694




I haven't felt the same excitement towards an RTS game ever since Age of Empires 3, many, many years ago.

Cossacks 3 is a "modern remake" of the original Cossacks. According to GSC Game World press release, it will feature overhauled mechanics and battles that support up to 10,000 units.

First released in 2001, Cossacks is a historical RTS series. Similar to Age of Empires, it features resource gathering and building construction. It also gave you thumping great big armies, which you could use to smash into other thumping great big armies.

As a remake, Cossacks 3 will again return to the 17th and 18th centuries, and feature five historical campaigns and 12 playable nations. It will also boast realistic projectile physics and randomly generated maps. It's due out at the end of the year.

Return of the legendary Cossacks! A large-scale historical strategy on great battles of the XVII-XVIII centuries.

Modern remake of the best 2001 strategy, with armies numbering in thousands of warriors and reconciled game mechanics. It’s a genuine RTS classic, including construction and production of resources. A vast selection of unit types, cold steel and firearms, influence of the landscape, and the realistic physics provide the player with an unlimited number of tactical opportunities.

Impressive scope.
Up to 10,000 units on the battlefield! 12 playing nations, 70 various types of playing units, 100 scientific researches, and over 140 diverse historical buildings.

Classical gameplay.
Real-time strategy with construction, production of resources, and the development tree. Naval battles, influence of the landscape and the realistic physics provides the player with a vast number of tactical moves.

Breathtaking battles for up to 7 players on the map. Possibility to unite into teams or to play against the computer. Flexible customization of random maps with selection of the desired landscape.

Game features:
Breathtaking historical real-time strategy.
Actions unfold in Europe in the XVII–XVIII centuries.
Five singleplayer historical campaigns.
12 playable nations.
Grandiose battles of up to 10,000 units on the map.
Realistic physics of bullets and cannonballs.
Considerable influence of the landscape on battle tactics.
Infinite variations of battles with computer enemies on random maps.
Flexible generator of random maps with selection of a preferable landscape.
Windows, Mac OS and Linux support.



  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 18,694
    edited May 2015
    A graphics comparison between Cossacks 3 and the previous games in the series:


    But the graphics is not the main thing here. The big trend in RTS games is the competition - as seen with StarCraft in Korea. Hopefully RTS players will find the new competitive experience when Cossacks 3 are out.

    One advantage that Cossacks 3 could have is that as a PC game from an indie developer it likely won't be nearly as expensive as many of today's triple-A titles.

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 18,694
    An interview with Valentine Yeltyshev - a head of marketing and PR of the game developer, has been published:

    "Actually if you want to describe Cossacks 3 in short – it’s 80-95% a copy of Cossacks 1. We think that’s a nearly perfect game. We have two purposes; one, to give pleasure to old Cossacks fans, many of whom are still playing the game, but also we want to use new tech and improved graphics to attract younger players who missed the first game. We just give them the opportunity to play a classic strategy game on modern technology. We believed that new RTS fans, even players who’ve never tried strategy games before, will really enjoy it."

    "It will be very mod-friendly, and all the instruments and possibilities will be included in the first release."

    Another interview is available in russian, with english translation by Google:

    "The work on the game itself began in November of 2013. The idea of the revival of the series is probably linked to the nostalgia that we all experienced."

    "The game is 80% ready, takes a lot of time grinding, there will be a closed beta among the veteran players. The release is planned for the IV quarter of this (2015) year."

  • typo_tillytypo_tilly Member Posts: 5,681
    Whoa! :o So many units! ehehehe ^__^

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