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***[COMPLETE]*** Zuzhul Plaguebringer Returns! - Icewind Dale edition



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    EPILOGUE - Hibernation

    I don't know how long I was out for, but I awoke in a makeshift shelter, surrounded by the remaining Easthaven villagers. I jumped up out of my bed suddenly, CRENSHINIBON!

    I rushed from the hastily built structure, and towards the wrecked temple of tempus. The area was a mess, I spent hours sifting through the rubble and debris, but there was just no sign of the artifact. I closed my eyes and focused, trying to lock on to the familiar energy I had felt radiating from the crystal, during my ascent of the tower but it was gone.

    Artifacts like this are not so easily destroyed, the crystal was here in the Dale, somewhere, hidden away and biding its time whilst it recovers its power, it would reveal itsself again when the time was right.

    * * * *

    I spent the next few months busily preparing myself. In the libraries of the severed hand I discovered an ancient necromantic tome, that detailed a long forgotton ritual that would allow me to enter a state of hibernation, a deep sleep through the ages. With the ritual prepared, I set off to the Vale of Shadows, finding myself a nice dark crypt where I would not be disturbed.

    I rose a small army of guardians, and then settled into one of the tombs ready to begin my long slumber. At some point in the future, Crenshinibon *is* going to reveal itself again, its in the artifiact's nature to do so, and when it does, I will awaken, and I *Will* claim it for my own.

    But until that day, I sleep.......
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    Well that was as tough as old boots! I found the IWD run much harder than the BG one, mainly due to the fact that higher level spells are not available until later in the game, and so I was running around with a half empty spell book for most of the game, also animate dead is just so much weaker in IWD. Still I enjoyed it, and I may consider concluding the run with an IWD2 journal if there is any interest for such a run.

    Here is my finally spell load out:


    And some of the equipment based spells/abilities I made use of throughout the run included:

    Summon x5 Ogres: Girdle of Ogre Blood
    Shout: Bracers of Blasting
    Greater Shout: Bracers of Blasting
    Whirlwind: Cyclone
    Stoneskin: Barrier Amulet
    Minor Globe of invulnerability: Barrier Amulet
    Stormshell: Fang of the Gloomfrost
    Anti-Magic Shell: Fang of the Gloomfrost
    Cone of Cold: Breath of Auril
    Dispel Magic: Staff of Besieging
    Lower Resistance: Staff of Besieging
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    Awww. It's over :(

    I seriously loved these - most time with playthrough posts I lose interest half way through but these were excellently written and very engaging so much it was 90% of the reason I logged into the forum each day.

    Would love more- but haven't played IWD2 so not too fussed about that.
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    Thank you, Decado. I think I lost a lot of my original audience since starting the playthrough, and so was beginning to think my updates had gotten a little too wordy, long and boring since my BG run, I'm glad you liked it!

    I'll probably do something similar in the future, once adventure Y is released, but with a different tone, character and writing style, something light hearted and comical (I've always wanted to try the Jester, a joker with a penchant for dirty limericks haha).

    As for Zuzhul, I've installed IWD 2, but I'm going to run through with a party first and re-familiarize myself with the game and the 3rd edition rule set.
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    This was EPIC! Thank you for posting the journey of Zuhul. I hope you continue his story in Icewind Dale2
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    congratulations on the completed run!

    like i said, your threads are the reason i'm coming back to the forums. if you decide to play adventure y or any other playthrough i'll follow it gladly. and to emphasize; your playthrough was not only good because of the interesting challenge, but mainly because it was written very well :)
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