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Am i ready for durlags?

I have been looking around for things to do before going to baldurs gate then i discovered Durlags tower on my map i looked it up online and apparently its supposed to be really hard Heres my current party
Me Ilutionist lvl 8 Thief lvl 9
Jaheria Fighter lvl 7 Druid lvl 8
Khaldi lvl 8
Ajantis paladin lvl 7
Neera wild mage lvl 8
Branwen cleric lvl 8


  • thelovebatthelovebat Member Posts: 218
    Considering you're getting close to the experience cap for your party members, you'd probably be close to ready for taking on just about any area in the game. However, that does not make some areas easy by any means, and Durlag's Tower is one of those areas. It was introduced in the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion for the original Baldur's Gate and is generally there for higher level parties looking for the ultimate challenge. I.E., make sure your spellcasting and thieving skills are up to snuff before heading in there, as being unprepared or not listening to different NPCs dialogue about the place in Ulgoth's Beard will lead you to a rough start there.

    Magical weapons for every party member is a must, and if you haven't gone to Ulgoth's Beard yet go there first for a quest related to Durlag's Tower, as well as checking out the equipment for sale at that location which you'll want before heading into the tower. There is a great staff for Jaheira in Ulgoth's Beard that would be really helpful if you got it.

  • wubblewubble Member Posts: 3,156
    And make sure you keep checking for traps, the floor is figuratively covered in traps.

  • moody_magemoody_mage Member Posts: 2,052
    Make sure you've been to Ulgoths Beard first (North East of Baldurs Gate) to pick up a couple of quests there which are resolved in Durlags Tower

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,297
    as long as you have 100 disarm traps, and 90 open locks, and your warriors are around level 7 and you have haste, then you should be good to go

  • GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356
    Your party is high-enough level to succeed in Durlag's Tower. Nevertheless, I reckon that the story flows better if you go to Baldur's Gate at this point, and leave Durlag's Tower until later ... but YMMV.

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