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Sahuagin rebels should not attack if I am carrying the Rebel's Orb

But they are.

So I told the mad king that I would kill the rebel prince. I didn't have a choice. Any other answer would have caused every non-rebel Sahuagin in the area to attack and I didn't want that. So I said I would kill the prince. Then I told the high priestess that I wouldn't. She gave me the Rebel's Orb and said that it would cause the rebels to take me to the prince.

However it doesn't actually seem to do anything. I'm getting attacked no matter what.

I have attached two saves to assist the troubleshooters. Let me explain the difference between them.

In Save 118-20 I have just arrived in Sahuagin land. I've spoken to the king and promised to kill the Prince. I have not yet returned to the High Priestess or acquired the orb.

In 119-20a I have the orb, the tooth and the blood of countless rebels on my hands. I am standing just outside the gate a short distance from where the prince can be found.

A bit more information:
After creating save 118-20 I went exploring. This caused me to encounter and kill many rebels before I acquired the orb. Originally I thought this was why the prince attacked me on sight. But I didn't want to throw out half an evening's work (I've spent a long-ass time "optimizing" my party in Sahuagin-land) I turned my last quick save into 119-20a before restoring 118-20 and trying again. Which is good because apparently having the orb DOESN'T prevent the rebels from attacking me.

Which brings me back to the point of this thread.


  • GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356
    The High Priestess's explanation of the Orb is perhaps rather ambiguous.

    The rebels within the main part of the City-of-Caverns will always attack you, regardless of whether you're carrying the Orb.

    Where the Orb becomes relevant is when you go through the gate (near the south-east corner, which you need the Tooth to open) into the rebel-held area. At that point, if you have the Orb, you'll immediately be conducted in peace to meet the prince, but not if you don't have the Orb. (Of course, your safe conduct is cancelled if you attack any of the rebels beyond the gate.)
  • simAlitysimAlity Member Posts: 64
    They attacked me....
  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,826
    Your 20 save plays through fine for me. Collect the orb, collect the tooth, speak to the guard, speak to the Prince.

    In 20a you have killed the guard nearest the door, or he is dead from other means. He is supposed to talk to you and take you to the prince. I redid the 20 version and took a screenshot.

    I'd say this is working. Did you do anything like open the door and cast an area affect that turned the chieftain hostile, or meet him without the orb in your inventory.
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