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Can't download Icewind Dale EE

kalekale Member Posts: 10
I bought Icewind Dale EE two days ago, but can't download it. I freely admit that I already contacted support about this, but I'm eager to start playing and since forums are always a bit quicker than the official support, you hopefully forgive me my cross-posting. I'll just post the email I sent to support:

"I can't download Icewind Dale EE. I tried both via the Beamdog client and the standalone one (with P2P on and off), but the same problem exists. I tried to uninstall and reinstall both. The download goes until 20% or something with normal speed and then suddenly breaks down - from then on, it keeps on disconnecting and reconnecting, while the download is really slow (around 20 kb/s). The beamdog client says "limited connectivity: one or more games can't be downloaded", although my internet should be fine (there's nothing going on in the background and I can download other things with the speed I normally have). Any help is appreciated."

Am I doing anything obvious the wrong way? I also never had similar issues with other "platform software" (i.e. Steam).

All the best



  • WilburWilbur Member Posts: 1,173
    This has hopefully been solved by now but if not you could try two things: turn on the turbo mode and change the installation directory from the Beamdog client settings (download locations). Not sure if it will help though.

  • RaptorwraithRaptorwraith Member Posts: 1
    I tried downloading the IWEE the same day and I am still waiting for a response from support. I experienced exactly the same problems with download speed. I had 3 bursts of 5 MB/s download speed followed by a whole lot of nothing. Both methods of downloading stopped at 705 MB. I have not been able to dowload any more of the 2.7 GB IWEE file. I tried what Wilbur suggested and it did no good.

    Have you had any luck with beamdog Kale since you posted?

    If anyone has an idea why Beamdog is taking our money and then ignoring long standing clients (played BGEE & BGEE2) I would sure like to know


  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,583
    There are a couple of things you could try.

    1. From the Beamdog launcher right-click the "Open Game Location". Delete that "nnn" folder and scroll down to find the corresponding "nnn.beam" and "nnn.status" files. Delete them too. Close and restart the launcher, and try again.

    2. I can't check now, but I think there is an "Install now" option on the Icewind Dale portion of the Beamdog website. Using this will give you the same game functionality but you'd require a desktop shortcut or similar as it won't show in the launcher. I think you'd also need to check manually for updates via an icon (again, can't check but think it is at the bottom right of the game flash-screen).

    To either poster above, or anyone else who experiences similar issues downloading one of the games: Hopefully one of these options will help you. Earlier reports of download issues were sometimes caused by trying to download behind a corporate or educational firewall (e.g. university) that had restrictions, so please bear that in mind if it applies.

  • SeldarSeldar Member Posts: 422
    I had the same prob with BGEE and BG2EE... never solved...
    I tried alot of tips.

    And, I dont know why, it worked on one of my other PC... ? every settings were "by default" so I dont think that deleting some files and or change the game location would change something. And on beamdog's forum there are many topics like that

  • Feral_SnowbornFeral_Snowborn Member Posts: 15
    I've been having this difficulty as well. I've tried downloading to different places, with p2p and no p2p, etc... Is there some other method not listed here that might work?

    BGEE + BG2EE both work normally.

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