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Let's talk aboyt BG3 (all hypoyhetical)

what would you like too see if there was a BG3 announced i think i would like a new story (but one that is still tied in to the law) a new camera now I like the Isomeric view but i think a camera like in Dragon age would work very well in a new game a new player set up a bit like the one n Elder scrolls this will give us real unique characters but apart from that keep everything the same BG is an amazing game and I really am not complaining . what dp you want to see?

(sorry if this is in the wrong section)



  • semiticgodsemiticgod Member Posts: 14,508
    Isometric camera is better than free-range like in Dragon Age. The free-range camera lets you see stuff from more angles, but adjusting it is a constant chore, especially since RPG players are conditioned to look in every corner for hidden stuff. It'd be easier on the developers as well as the players to have an isometric view.

    I'd like an entirely new game using a 3E version of the engine. The Bhaalspawn saga has been told; there's more room for an unrelated adventure. I've always kind of wanted to see Nox adapted to the BG2 engine--all the maps turned into IE maps and filled up with critters. A simple hack and slash game with Nox's pretty atmosphere.

    Or have a game that spans across multiple different environments, like IWD2. I've never seen much of Chult or Anauroch or Kara-Tur or Limbo or Maztica.

  • kcwisekcwise Member Posts: 2,287
    I'd like to see a few adventures on other worlds in Realmspace. Who doesn't want to visit Elminster's resort? Worlds filled with illithids and beholders could also be fun if you bring enough nukes.

    From The Forgotten Realms Wiki (read more here -
    Coliar is a gas giant mostly populated with avian life-forms and other flying creatures. A few 'islands' of water and earth revolve around the planet's core. Elminster is said to own a resort on one of these islands.

    Glyth is a harsh, ringed planet that has been occupied by the dreaded illithid for about a century. Plant life is continually burned by the harsh atmosphere or by the mind flayers to prevent their humanoid cattle hiding from them. A remarkably pure edible gelatin 'water' can be found in the place of seas, though the planet still has ice caps as normal, nothing lives there. Most activity occurs underground. As well as the planet's rings, Glyth is orbited by three satellites. One, known as Haven is a hollowed out asteroid and treated as neutral ground for the different mind flayer factions. Another, Mingabwe is a trading port for non-illithids. While orbiting Mingabwe is Polluter, an unmapped asteroid. A group of over 300 mercenaries from the Code Helm reside here conducting raids against illithids in the system.

    Consisting of a flat disc of 300-mile thick water with a single mountain in the center, this world looks like a giant wagon wheel, with the Spindle (the mountain) always pointing directly at the sun. Near the base of the mountain, six ports, each owned by a different type of Beholder accept Spelljamming traffic from other beholders (not ones who live on H'Catha as that would provoke a war) and a mysterious humanoid race. Other species are only allowed to land if they have goods to trade and leave as soon as they are done. The world is orbited by two satellites, Turnbetl and Lumbe.

  • GenryuGenryu Member Posts: 372
    edited July 2015
    BG3 was actually in development for a time, under the name 'BG3: The Black Hound'. Though it was never meant to be a continuation of the main story, but a side story revolving around a different cast of characters. However it was sadly cancelled when Interplay lost the rights to the series.

    I believe Josh Sawyer, who was one of the lead designers for the title, ended up releasing a Neverwinter Nights II module based on the unfinished title, simply called 'The Black Hound'. I never played it myself, but it may be worth looking into.

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