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Soloing advice

OK, I need some advice, I want to solo blackpits 1&2 with a Sorcerer and need to know if its really possible?

During my Google search I've found a topic where people said they actually did solo blackpits 1 with x/y/z class/kit, but none really said anything about doing it with a Sorcerer. I haven't found anything about soloing black pit 2 at all.

Also, soloing bg1 and bg2 with a general mage, any tips would be welcoming. As usual, no I don't like to multi/dual class.



  • CandramelekhCandramelekh Member Posts: 109
    edited July 2015
    Ofcourse it's possible! I finish first part with mage-generalist when the game was released and sorcerer is easy version of the true mage. There is video in youtube how to kill Baeloth with solo mage, but no video how to reach him. Hardest battle for mage was battle with summoning portals, but sorcerer can switch their spells so you will have less more problems. Don't forget you could fight last battles more than once and take expirience and gold pieces, so, you can buy any gear you need to beat any foe. Black Pits 2 is like Baldur's Gate 2 compare with first part. Much more easier because of lots of opportunities for mage and fighting tricks (like fireballing black areas, cloudkills+invisibility, hit&run and other stuff). Solo is the best choice for good people, no for multiclass! : )

  • DragonKingDragonKing Member Posts: 1,884
    Mages switch out their spells not Sorcerer. The Sorcerer is the one I'd be soloing black bit with, the main Baldur Gate story is what I'll be soloing using the general mage, not a Sorcerer.

  • CandramelekhCandramelekh Member Posts: 109
    I think it's just misunderstanding because english is not my native language, sorcerer can use any spell he knows without remembering, that's why i wright "switch spells"

  • DragonKingDragonKing Member Posts: 1,884
    It's all good, I know both both the classes strengths and weakness, I've played bothe a Sorcerer (finishing up the new areas and watchers keep before I fight Irenicus) and wild mage (just imported into throne of bhaal.) But, most things I know deal with having a team. I'm looking for tips on soloing both black pits with the Sorcerer and the main game with general mage.

    I figured it would be harder do to the limitations of both.

  • CandramelekhCandramelekh Member Posts: 109
    All right. I think you already knows most of my next ideas for soloing mage, but perhaps i'm wrong. If you have some different ideas, please, share here.

    The first one, missile weapons in Infinity Engine games are very powerfull. You may damage your enemies without taking. Most of enemies have slow speed and, if you have boots of speed, can't reach you. Hit & run them.

    Mage may have sling, dart and throwing daggers. All of them have advantages and disadvantages. Dart - 3 attacks per round, very good, but their damage always 1d3. Throwing daggers use dagger weapon proficiency, so, if you use them you may also use dagger in melee without disadvantages. They also have 2 attacks per round and bonus from ability (dexterity if i'm not forget). Their price is the highest and their weight is also very high, they also use weapon slot in inventory, not amunition slot. The best weapon, in my opinion, for solo mage, especially if you have amunition belt or bag of holding (but Black Pits have no throwing daggers!). But there is no magic throwing daggers, only few poison. For the first BG it's not a big problem, as you have lot's of spells. Sling is the best weapon comparing quality/price. Very cheap and have bonus from ability and have +2 bullets. In my first walkthrough i used sling, but now i switch for daggers.

    Маgе on some level may choose another weapon proficiency. Quarterstaff is good. The best weapon against skeletons, golems and oozes.

    The second one, bhaalspawn abilities. Use your reputation below 8 (if i'm not mistaken) to collect evil bhaalspawn abilities, they are the best for soloing.

    Larloch's minor drain damages your eney and heal your mage for 4 HP, no saving throw. You may use this spell to interrupt spellcasting from your enemy-mage or cleric. You may also use it against your oun summoned creatures and even against cats, rats, squirrels (neutral creatures), to heal yourself.

    Horror. Very effective spell even if it's not ability. Much better than Slow Poison. Cure Poison Potion cost hundred gp, not a big lose.

    Vampiric Touch. Melee spell (thats bad), but have no saving throw and, as Larloch's minor drain, damaged enemy and heals yourself. I don't remember exactly, but i think this spell have 20 damage. Very good spell.

    Increase your reputation to 10 to gain Draw Upon Holy Might, this good bhaalspawn ability increased your abilities. It's very important because you may use it to quickly defeat your enemy in melee, if your enemy can't be beaten with magic. Very good if you use polymorph self. Also you may break locks with this ability, because your strenght increased. There is one bug with this ability. When your constitution became 20 (or 21 don't remember) you gain 1HP/round regeneration. Cast DUHM and travel through world map, when you reach your destination, you'll regenerate all your HP.

    The third one. To gain levels quick, go to Basilisk location and kill all basilisk. First level mage became 5 level for ten minutes. Don't forget Protection From Petrification spell or potions. You may also use Corax The Ghoul, he is immune to petrification and paralyzed basilisks.

    Sirines - the other good expirience pools (2000 per one, 6 от the map), but you need protection from charming. I suggest Potion Of Clarity. When you reach cloakwood, spiders is also good for gain experience.

    Travelling parties - also good for gaining experience, but they are not always dying without troubles. Use AoE spells like Web, Grease, Sleep or Stinking Cloud. There is Sequencer spell (or similar) wich allow you to cast two low level spells immediately. Almost any enemy in BG1 have not enough saving throws to evade Web, especially two Webs. But i recommend using Web with Grease, if your enemy drop enough to evade web he can't leave web area if he can't drop enough to evade grease. Grease reduce his movement rate half. Enemies will stay in area of spell forever.

    The fourth one. Collect wands. Missile wand is not good enough, you may sell this one, but wand wich allow you to cast Horror, Sleed, Fireballs, Lightnings or Cloudkils - superpowerfull! One such wand can change everything in battle. Potion Of Fire Breath and other Fireball-like potions is also good. low level spells VERY POWERFULL in BG1. Sleep, Blindness, Shield, Stinking Cloud, Grease, Web, Horror... lot's of them and all they are powerfull

    I think i forget something, when i remember, i wright again. If you have some questions - ask

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