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[Mod] Warsling Sniper Kit for Fighters

AdulAdul Member Posts: 2,002
edited July 2015 in BG:EE Mods
I've had this small, simple kit lying around for years, and I've just gotten around to updating it to work with the EEs.

This is basically a fighter variant of the Archer kit, but for slings. Also, they have a passive ricochet ability that lets them hit up to two enemies at once at higher levels. The idea comes from the 3rd edition Races of Faerun rulebook.
The sling is a difficult weapon to master, but in the hands of a warsling sniper it becomes a precise tool of war. Although slings are commonly associated with and used by the hin, experts of the weapon may indeed come from any race.


- +1 bonus to hit and damage with missile weapons at first level and every 4 levels afterward
- At 10th level he gains the Improved Ricochet passive ability which allows all fired missiles to bounce off their primary target and hit one additional nearby foe


- May not specialize in any weapon other than the sling
- May not wear armor greater than studded leather
- Hit Die: d8
Download link: DOWNLOAD from SHS

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