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Advantage and Disadvantage

AquadrizztAquadrizzt Member Posts: 1,018
In 5th Edition D&D, situational bonuses or penalties do not add small, stacking modifiers (+2 for being outdoors, +1 for wearing sun screen, -3 for the kobold barking at the full moon...), but instead have a simple system of advantage, neutral, or disadvantage. Advantage means that you roll a check twice and take the higher result, and disadvantage means that you roll a check twice and take the lower result.

Is there a way that this could be implemented such that 1) having advantage or disadvantage significantly alters the roll in the favor or against the person and 2) the bounds of the check remain the same.

I was thinking about having a +4/0/-4 non-stacking modifier, but I realized that that changes the bounds of the roll favorably as well as increasing the chance of success.

Is there some way that advantage/disadvantage can be simulated in the (Enhanced) Infinity Engine that I am overlooking?


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