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Most powergamery class to duo with a Paladin?

BanArdBanArd Member Posts: 60
I'm going to play with my little brother and he's thrilled to smack stuff with a big ass sword and armor, leaving all the boring stuff to me. So be it.

What's the best option for me? I just want to get done with this with the least amount of reloads possible. I will need some rogue levels, I presume.



Edit: Also, what proficiencies should we give both?


  • KilivitzKilivitz Member Posts: 1,459
    If you're going to have a Paladin I strongly suggest you invest proficiency points in both Long Swords and a blunt weapon of your choice.

    As for the other character, I would have a Thief dual-classed (at no higher than Level 10) to either Cleric or Mage (I personally recommend the Cleric).

    If you think the Paladin is sturdy enough to take the heat and trigger a few traps, you can ditch the Thief and go for a Fighter/Mage (or Fighter/Mage/Cleric). Just make sure he/she can cast Knock.

  • WowoWowo Member Posts: 2,058
    elminster said:

    Elf Fighter/Mage/Thief would be a good choice. It leaves you with the option of very effectively attacking with a bow from range (as well as scouting and if necessary even fighting in melee).


  • T2avT2av Member Posts: 202
    edited August 2015
    Swashbuckler 10->Cleric
    Two weapon fighting
    Clubs, and flails/morningstar

    Cleric levels fast, you will have your swash back sometime in dragons eye. I do duets all the time. Cleric fits in with paladin RP wise. Cleric can also find traps, thus you can focus on other theif skills. Healing is very important and saves downtime buying potions, healing at temples, or resting for weeks(ruins my RP experience)/being attacked while resting(which happens all the time, annoyingly so)

    I recommend this mod

    For extra attacks, because 1-2 attacks per round is painful to watch.

    Paladin should twf, longswords and axes. You have the blunt aspect down on above class. 2 handed swords are not so good. This leaves you with special paly sword late in game, 1 handed axes are good.

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  • zunamizunami Member Posts: 42
    I think it depends on what difficulty you're playing on.

    If you play on easy, playing with only two characters like that might be possible if one is a paladin and the other is a multiclass cleric/thief.

    clerics are okay fighters and the thief skills are somewhat necessary.

    If you're playing on normal, I don't think having a paladin is a very viable option.

    Paladins are sort of "supplementary" classes. They're great to fill a single role in a full party, but cannot do a good job as solo characters.

    You should consider a multi-class thief/mage and fighter/cleric combo. This works fairly well as the two classes can supplement each other fairly well.

    The fighter/cleric will not be able to wield swords to my knowledge, but heavy armor and hitting stuff is still very viable.

    Your issue is that your younger brother doesn't want to play a complicated character.
    The paladin isn't very complicated, but around level 6 the paladin starts getting spells, and they do have special abilities that are very wasted if not used.

    Cure diseases, protection from evil, smite evil and lay on hands are all useful if utilized effectively.

    If your brother doesn't know/want to make use of these abilities, it's more beneficiary to play a fighter instead.


    A lot of the others in the thread suggest dual-classing.

    It's true that dual-classing has so much more potential for power, but it's my experience that the game becomes tedious without having 3 of 4 of the primary roles in the party filled from the beginning.

    Those roles are: healer, fighter and skill-pool.

    The mage doesn't become necessary or even very effective in the game until around level 9 where you start actually finding the good 3rd level spells.

    That is why I suggest multiclassing.

    Alternatively, let your brother be a paladin, and make an extra character who is a multi-class thief/mage and play a cleric or a cleric/fighter yourself.

    Having a "support" character in the group might not be the worst idea.

    A thief/mage requires a lot of micromanagement to be effective, but can be scripted to stay out of combat and use their few useful spells on their own, and otherwise hide.

    You could probably have such a character in the group without having to pay much attention to it.

    Those are my suggestions.

  • PibaroPibaro Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 2,989
    A paladin and a sorcerer and it's...
    PARTY TIME!!!!

    Your enemies are going to beg you for mercy, but your endless horde of summons powered by your buffing spells and led by the Holy Paladin, will smash them into little pieces.

    Traps may be a problem but hey, that's why you have a Paladin traveling with you :D

  • Artix00Artix00 Member Posts: 11
    Dual class Shadow Dancer fighter at lvl 9. Shadow Dancer has the shadow step ability, and the ability to hide in plain sight. So that means that you can do backstab after backstab and still be a little tanky. Paladin and Shadow Dancer Dual class fighter???? Yessssssssss

  • T2avT2av Member Posts: 202
    Artix00 said:

    Dual class Shadow Dancer fighter at lvl 9. Shadow Dancer has the shadow step ability, and the ability to hide in plain sight. So that means that you can do backstab after backstab and still be a little tanky. Paladin and Shadow Dancer Dual class fighter???? Yessssssssss

    Yeah but everything follows you... And surrounds you even when steathed... Its annoying.

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