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Icewind Dale - Enhanced Edition CLUA Console Commands and Areas.

co23co23 Member Posts: 3
I wanted to find something like this but I didn't so here, I did some research on the web on differents websites about Icewind Dale, put together what I found and adapted for the Enhanced Edition.


I didn't see anything about areas for Heart Of Winter, so I opened the console and played around with it and added the areas I found.
1. First edit the file called baldur.ini in the Icewind Dale - Enhanced Edition folder
(C:\Users\*username*\Documents\Icewind Dale - Enhanced Edition) - Windows 7
using a text editor like notepad. Add the line: 'Program Options', 'Debug Mode', '1',

2. Start the game and press [Ctrl] + [Spacebar] to display the console window.

CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("XXXXX") - Give Experience to selected characters.
CLUAConsole:CreateItem("XXXX") - Create Item (See at the bottom for items list).
CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xxxx",xx) - Create more than one item quanity like ("POTN17",21) Means you will have 21 bottles of potion of health.
CLUAConsole:AddGold("XXXXX") - Give selected gold to the party.
CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("xxxx") - Create creature.
CLUAConsole:ExploreArea() - You can see the whole area.
CLUAConsole:MoveToArea("ARxxxx") - Move to a different area (See area list below).

[Ctrl] + J - Move selected characters to pointer position.
[Ctrl] + R - Heal or resurrect the selected character or portrait.
[Ctrl] + Y - Kill selected monster or NPC with no EXP.
[Ctrl] + 4 - Display trigger polygons; shows traps. (Does not work in the Enhanced Edition, I think)
[Ctrl] + 9 - Display character bounding boxes. (Does not work in the Enhanced Edition, I think)

Area List (Icewind Dale):

AR1000 - Easthaven - Prologue

AR1001 - Temple of Tempus

AR1002 - House with Spear

AR1003 - Empty House

AR1004 - Hrothgar's House

AR1005 - Fishmonger's House

AR1006 - Winter's Cradle Tavern - Level 1

AR1015 - Winter's Cradle Tavern - Level 2

AR1007 - Pomad's Emporium - Level 1

AR1016 - Pomad's Emporium - Level 2

AR1008 - Snowdrift Inn

AR1009 - Old Jed's House

AR1010 - Scrimshanders's House

AR1011 - Warehouse

AR1012 - Torn Net House

AR1013 - Winter Wolf Pelt House

AR1014 - Strange Writing House

AR1100 - Easthaven - Chapter Six

AR1106 - Winter's Cradle Tavern - Level 1

AR1109 - Winter's Cradle Tavern - Level 2

AR1101 - Crystal Tower - Level 1

AR1102 - Crystal Tower - Level 2

AR1103 - Crystal Tower - Level 3

AR1104 - Crystal Tower - Level 4

AR1105 - Crystal Tower - Level 5

AR1200 - Orc Cave Areas

AR1201 - Orc Cave - Inside

AR2000 - Kuldahar Pass

AR2001 - Goblin Cave - Outside

AR2002 - Goblin Cave - Inside

AR2003 - Ogre Tower

AR2004 - Old Mill - Level 1

AR2005 - Old Mill - Level 2

AR2006 - Old Mill - Level 3

AR2100 - Kuldahar

AR2101 - Tower of Orrick the Grey - Room 1

AR2102 - Tower of Orrick the Grey - Room 2

AR2103 - Conlan the Smithy

AR2104 - House with Portraits

AR2105 - Townperson's House - Male

AR2106 - Townperson's House - Female

AR2107 - Temple of Ilmater

AR2108 - Oswald Fiddlebender's Airship

AR2110 - Potter's House

AR2111 - Root Cellar Tavern

AR2112 - Arundel's House - Level 1

AR2116 - Arundel's House - Level 2

AR2113 - Gerth's Equipment Shop

AR2114 - Evening Shade Inn - Level 1

AR2115 - Evening Shade Inn - Level 2

AR3000 - Vale of Shadows

AR3001 - Shrine of Auril

AR3101 - Cave - Gate Key

AR3201 - Cave - Vile Black Liquid

AR3301 - Cave - Sanctum Key

AR3401 - Cave - Carrion Crawler

AR3501 - Kresselack's Tomb Level 1

AR3502 - Kresselack's Tomb Level 2

AR3503 - Kresselack's Tomb Level 3

AR3600 - Temple of the Forgotten God Area

AR3601 - Temple of the Forgotten God - Level 1

AR3602 - Temple of the Forgotten God - Level 2

AR3603 - Temple of the Forgotten God - Level 3

AR4000 - Dragon's Eye Area

AR4001 - Dragon's Eye - Level 1

AR4002 - Dragon's Eye - Level 2

AR4003 - Dragon's Eye - Level 3

AR4004 - Dragon's Eye - Level 4

AR4005 - Dragon's Eye - Level 5

AR5000 - Severed Hand Area

AR5001 - Severed Hand - Level 1

AR5002 - Severed Hand - Level 2

AR5003 - Severed Hand - Level 3

AR5004 - Severed Hand - Level 4

AR5502 - Bridge To Labelas Tower

AR5101 - Labelas Tower - Level 1

AR5104 - Labelas Tower - Level 2

AR5102 - Labelas Tower - Level 3

AR5103 - Labelas Tower - Level 4

AR5201 - Solonar Tower - Level 1

AR5202 - Solonar Tower - Level 2

AR5203 - Solonar Tower - Level 3

AR5204 - Solonar Tower - Level 4

AR5301 - Corellon Tower - Level 1

AR5302 - Corellon Tower - Level 2

AR5303 - Corellon Tower - Level 3

AR5304 - Corellon Tower - Level 4

AR5401 - Sheverash Tower - Level 1

AR5402 - Sheverash Tower - Level 2

AR5403 - Sheverash Tower - Level 3

AR5404 - Sheverash Tower - Level 4

AR6000 - Upper Dorn's Deep Area

AR6001 - Main Cave

AR6002 - Barracks

AR6003 - Umber Hulk Labyrinth

AR6004 - Forge - Inoperative

AR6005 - Tiers Of The Dead

AR6006 - Hall of Heroes

AR6007 - Ettin Cave

AR6008 - Neo-Orog Cave

AR6009 - Orc Cave

AR6010 - Puzzle Room

AR6011 - Gear Room

AR6013 - Forge - Operative

AR6014 - Bandoth's Tower

AR7005 - Wyrm's Tooth Glacier

AR7002 - Museum Foyer

AR7001 - Museum

AR7003 - Slave Area

AR7004 - Frost Giant Cave

AR7000 - Lower Dorn's Deep Area

AR8001 - Main Cave

AR8002 - Watchtower - Level 1

AR8014 - Watchtower - Level 2

AR8003 - Gnome Mine

AR8004 - Gnome Hideaway

AR8005 - Marketh's Courtyard

AR8006 - Marketh's Palace - Level 1

AR8007 - Marketh's Palace - Level 2

AR8008 - Mine Area

AR8009 - Artisan's District

AR8010 - Malavon's Chamber

AR8011 - Great Forge

AR8012 - Broken Temple

AR8013 - Poquelin's Lair

AR8015 - Norl's House

AR8016 - Safe House

Area List 2 (Icewind Dale: Heart Of Winter):

AR9100 - Loneywood

AR9101 - The Whistling Gallows - Level 1

AR9102 - The Whistling Gallows - Level 2

AR9103 - Shrine Of Waukeen

AR9104 - Ranger's Cabin

AR9105 - The Cooper's Place

AR9106 - Cartwright's House - Level 1

AR9107 - Cartwright's House - Level 2

AR9108 - Trappers' Cabin

AR9109 - Thom Farlod House

AR9110 - Gravedigger's Shack

AR9200 - Barbarian Camp

AR9201 - Mead Hall

AR9300 - Burial Isle - Hjollder

AR9301 - Necromancer's Tower

AR9400 - Barrow

AR9500 - Gloomfrost

AR9501 - Seer Caves - Level 1

AR9502 - Seer Caves - Level 2

AR9600 - Sea Of Moving Ice

AR9601 - Icasaracht's Lair - Level 1

AR9602 - Icasaracht's Lair - Level 2

AR9603 - To The Sahuagin Temple

AR9604 - End Fight - Icasaracht

For the items list: (They should work)

More or others instructions\commands that should work on Icewind Dale - Enhanced Edition:


  • 33tango33tango Member Posts: 2
    If you start teleporting around using these codes will it break your game in some way? I'd like to visit an old area I can't get to anymore but not at the expense of messing up my save file.
  • MiridorMiridor Member Posts: 90
    I add the line in baldur.ini but when I then try to open the game, I only come as far as the screen where I can click 'apply update' or 'play' - when I click play the game crashes.

    Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  • zenblackzenblack Member Posts: 100
    Miridor said:

    I add the line in baldur.ini but when I then try to open the game, I only come as far as the screen where I can click 'apply update' or 'play' - when I click play the game crashes.

    Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

    These instructions are outdated. You need to change in your Baldur.lua (found in the same place as the .ini):

    SetPrivateProfileString('Program Options','Debug Mode','1')
  • MiridorMiridor Member Posts: 90
    Thanks - unfortunately it didn't help me as there was no lua-file in the folder. I am playing the latest version (1.4) and I have checked to show hidden files. It is strange since I had no trouble enabling cheats in BG. I downloaded a lua-file, placed it in the folder and edited it but that didn't change anything.

    Perhaps it needs to be a specific baldur.lua for IWD? Aargh this is getting annoying.
  • zenblackzenblack Member Posts: 100
    edited December 2017
    I believe that you need to be playing the new beta in order for the lua to work properly. I'm sorry, I'm not sure why the ini edit wouldn't work on 1.4. The good news is that you should have access to the Beta shortly and the lua edit will work as I've done it myself.
  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,813
    Hi @Miridor, baldur.ini is the right file for this version (I am guessing that the Beta will will take it to .lua). IWDEE (v1.4) as it stands won't read the baldur.lua that was downloaded. Any chance you could post the contents of you baldur.ini (or attach your baldur.ini).

    I take it that if you take the line out, the game starts as it should?

    I have uploaded a copy of my baldur.ini (attached as baldur.txt, just rename it to baldur.ini) which works for me. Back up yours first... I also have the Cleric Ranger Spells adjustment in as well just in case you don't use it.

  • MiridorMiridor Member Posts: 90
    edited December 2017
    @Gusinda Much appreciated - thank you! I have attached my baldur.ini as a txt-file.

    And yeah, when I take the line out again I can start the game as normal.
  • MiridorMiridor Member Posts: 90
    Hey, it works now! I'm not quite sure what I did but I tried to copy and paste the text of the ini-file in and out of the file... Perhaps the problem was caused by some misalignment of the text? No matter - now I can ctrl+j about to my heart's content :-)

    Thank you to all who offered their help and solutions.
  • PumpernickelPumpernickel Member Posts: 54
    I was going to mess around with the "createcreature" cheat you outlined. I was going to ask you where we could find a list of creature codes, but before that, I'm already getting a "command not found" error for "createcreature." Am I missing something?
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