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[Windows] Lightning Bolt projectile and ARXXXXSR.bmp files

kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 2,038
edited September 2015 in IWD:EE Bugs (v1.4.0)
Observed: The projectile from Lightning Bolt (SPWI308) does not pass through creatures and does not bounce off many(almost all) walls in the IWDEE game. Affects BG2EE v1.3 as well.

Expected: The projectile from Lightning Bolt (SPWI308) should pass through creatures and bounce off any wall until it runs its full course. (Current behavior visible in BGEE.)

1: The new externalized projectile ( used by the Lightning Bolt spell is incorrect: upon hitting a creature, it ends, and fires a new secondary projectile in a predetermined, random direction, it should continue straight through the creature.

2: The ARXXXXSR.bmp files for many areas in IWDEE have the incorrect(sometimes inverted) coloring for walls and impassable terrain. Many walls are colored grey which prevents them from bouncing projectiles flags as such, when they should be black, pink, or green. While areas that should not bounce projectiles do, such as chasms in the veil of shadows, because they are colored black instead of gray.
BGEE Candlekeep Inn:
and IWDEE Winter's Cradle Tavern:

3: Even in areas where the walls are colored properly for bouncing, the projectile will only ever bounce once, and then end on the next wall it hits.

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