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Preparing for the Bhaalspawn Saga (recklessheart)

Inspired by @Ygramul 's, and the many pro players that have been posting their stories there, I thought that I might do the same thing for myself when I next run Baldur's Gate! It might be a somewhat tame or unexciting run for most, as I do not use any mods. I do mix up my parties though, so you might see some new combos after the run gets underway. :)

I need some techie help before I can begin, however! Simple, straightforward things (I hope), but I don't know where to source the solutions aside from here, so here goes:

1) How do I take screenshots in BG:EE and where do I find them once they have been captured?

2) Does ANYBODY have the portraits for Imoen, Jaheira, Edwin, Viconia and Minsc as per their BG2 renderings, which I can use for BG1EE? I vastly prefer them, and although this isn't critical, it would please me, haha! Where can I find them, and how do I activate them for BG1EE once I do?

3) Can we somehow reclaim the BG2 paper dolls in EE? If it happens that I create a female character, I would very much prefer to have the BG2 Cleric and Mage paperdolls for humans. I'm pretty sure this one is impossible, but I'll throw it in there!

Thanks in advance for those that can help. I'll insight/like/agree with everything you say forever more if you have my solutions (unless it is anti-Nalia or anti-Jaheira. You should all know by now that that will simply not fly with me!).




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