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STATES.BAM v2 (PVRZ) support for portrait icons

switswit Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 494
Quoting @argent77
Enhanced Editions are very inconsistent about where you can use the BAM V2 format. Apparently GUI-related BAMs, worldmap icons and possibly map background animations are allowed to be BAM V2. It doesn't work for (item, spell, ...) icons and visual effect however.
I'd like to request BAM v2 support for at least STATES.BAM file responsible for showing state icons on portraits and Record Screen. New icon shows up fine on the Record Screen but are not displayed at all on portraits. Considering that EE games left just a few free cycles in v1 STATES.BAM file, lifting limitation of 255 cycles (which PVRZ v2 version of bam provides) would be highly appreciated. And we can't do it via mods due to above mentioned problem.

More information how STATES.BAM works and why this is needed, as well as package with icons that can be used for testing is available on G3 forums:


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