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Favorite BG2 (EE) NPC mods

MeyahiMeyahi Member Posts: 143
I've played at least 12 saga playthroughs right now and I'd like a change of pace with a few community made NPCs.
I won't replay BG1 this time (it gets really tedious).

I've played with Arath because I wanted a druid that is not cernd. He is nice (well written) but I didn't feel his presence that much even though I was romancing him.
Solaufein, I really liked. Too bad you can only obtain him in the underdark lest it would break his character. He reminds of Dak'kon somehow and I like that.

I'm open to any type (character/alignment) and any class, I'll mix and match later. Just tell which one you liked and why. I don't really care if they are Over/underpowered characters since I know the game quite well and can balance them with either a stronger PC/party or a weaker one.


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