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[Challenge] The B(haal)-Team!

I've seen a lot of challenges for players on these forums, but in my experience, these challenges and playthroughs focus mostly on a single player run (with or without NPC's). There have been some Team Challenges like an all mage specialist challenges or an all thief party etc. but in my opinion these challenges don't offer a player much flexability since they already restrict you to a certain class. Thinking about this, I came up with an idea for a Team Challenge with grants players some flexability and as such can attract different kind of players with different playstyles. I Present: The B(haal)-Team Challenge!

General Idea: You create your own Player Characters, roughly based upon the A-Team characters. They roam the Sword Coast as mercenaries for hire. If you have a problem, if no one else can help and if you can find them....Maybe you can hire the Bhaal-Team!

4 own created Player Characters, who are restricted to the following rules:

Hannibal: This character is the man with the plan, the ideal (intellectual) leader for the group
- Must have 16+ INT
- Not allowed to have the highest or tied for the highest STR

B.A.: The beef, the big and strong muscle of the group. You don't want him on his bad side!
- Class restricted to Fighter (multi-class allowed)
- Must have 16+ STR
- Not allowed to have the highest or tied for the highest INT/CHA

Face: Ladiesman, a smooth-talking con man who serves as the team's scrounger, as well as the team's second-in-command.
- Race restricted to Human, Elf or Half-Elf
- Must have 16+ CHA
- Not allowed to have the highest or tied for the highest STR

Murdock: A bit crazy, but a valuable member of the team. He doesn't have anything special going for him (apart from his crazyness), but that is just what makes him valuable.
- Alignment restricted to Chaotic
- Not allowed to have the highest or tied for the highest STR/INT/CHA

CHARNAME is only allowed to be the Hannibal character (as per the series) or the Face character (as per the movie)

Optional Rules:
- Face's Love Interest: You're allowed to recruit one NPC in the game, though this NPC has to be of the opposed gender of your Face character.
- Guest Appearances: You're allowed to recruit one NPC per chapter in the game, but you will have to let this NPC go once you finished a chapter. You're allowed to recruit a new one after this.

(suggestions and/or additional ideas are always welcome!)



  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,818
    When I saw the title "The Bhaal Team," I immediately thought of another possible challenge playthrough:

    You are an evil priest(ess) of Bhaal, but of course Bhaal is dead, so he won't give you any divine spells to cast. Good luck!

    As for your idea, in order for there to be multiple player-created companions in a single playthrough, someone has to know how to mod. Either you make a mod with these characters and give it to other people, or they have to know how to mod.

    The other way is to play multiplayer by yourself and make all of the characters you want, though the only way I think you could imitate the process of getting new companions using player-created ones without modding is to simply spawn the characters into the party in the middle of the game. Furthermore, multiplayer is annoying because even if you are doing it by yourself you still have to wait several seconds after pausing in order to unpause. It won't always completely ruin the experience, but it's quite irritating.

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