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Just downloaded BG2EE on Windows 8.1, and it won't run properly.

All the movie sequences are just blank white screens, I can't import characters from BG1EE (it lets me bring an imported character over, but doesn't give me the option to say "Done" after I've downloaded it; only Export, Import, Start Over, or Back), and when I do run the game with a new character, it runs at an incredibly slow pace. 5-10 minutes in, and I'm still waiting for the first dialogue scene.

Does anyone know how I might fix this?


  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,666

    Please could you advise what the Options -> Graphics screen shows for OpenGL version (e.g. 4.0.0 - Build - BUILD XXXX Running on Intel(R) HD Graphics Driver provided by Intel. Also, details of the graphics card you are using if not shown in the above. & did you experience any slowdowns in BG:EE either in the game or during cutscenes?

    Importing characters
    After copying characters across from the BG:EE Characters folder to the BGII:EE Characters folder, you should be able to start a new game, select your character and click Play. From your description (export, import start over and back) it sounds like you are in the Character Generation screen which is not required for an imported character.


  • super1mmsuper1mm Member Posts: 3
    So, I'm very non-computer savvy, so I googled instructions on how to check my graphics card, and it said to look under Display Adapters in Device Manager. The only thing I have there is AMD Radeon HD 7520G. Would this OpenGL be something I should download? >.>

  • super1mmsuper1mm Member Posts: 3
    Haha, figured it out. Had to update the AMD Radeon. Seems to be working fine now, thanks!

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